Sleeping Dogs Movie With Star Wars: Rogue One Actor Isn't Dead

The Sleeping Dogs movie is waking up.

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In 2017 Donnie Yen, the actor and martial artist known for his roles in Ip Man and Rogue One: A Star War Story, among other films, was cast in a movie adaptation of United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs. Although news about the flick has since been quiet, Yen has confirmed that the project is still happening.

Yen posted an image of himself on Instagram that looks a lot like promotional art of Wei Shen, the protagonist of Sleeping Dogs. There's also a few additional images from the game alongside scenes of Yen mimicking the shots. These don't look to be from the actual film and are more of a proof of life for the movie.

Alongside the pictures, Yen posted a message saying, "Sometimes great things take a bit of time. Sleeping Dog is motion, you guys ready for this?"

Although Yen has been cast in the role of an undercover cop, it hasn't been confirmed whether this character is based on Wei Shen. In the game, Shen is a member of the Hong Kong Police but infiltrates the Triads to bring them down from the inside. However, over time he develops deep connections with people in the organisation and his allegiances to the police and the Triads are put to the test.

Previous reports indicated the film is being produced by Original Film and DJ2 Entertainment, under the guidance of producers Neal Moritz (the Fast and Furious series), Dmitri Johnson, and Dan Jevons.

Sleeping Dogs was originally released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with a Definitive Edition released in 2014. In GameSpot's Sleeping Dogs review, Carolyn Petit awarded it an 8/10, saying "it's the atmospheric city and the varied story missions that make Sleeping Dogs an alluring adventure."

As of yet it has not been confirmed whether the Pork Bun Guy will be featured in the film.

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