Sleeping Dogs dev says publishers should lower cost of next-gen consoles - Report

United Front senior producer Jeff O'Connell says next-gen hardware should be accessible to "average" consumers.


United Front senior producer Jeff O'Connell has expressed a desire to see next-generation game consoles priced in such a way as to be accessible to both core gamers and the wider mass market.

Sleeping Dogs begin to bite this August.
Sleeping Dogs begin to bite this August.

Speaking to Xbox World, O'Connell, who is currently working on the studio's upcoming action game Sleeping Dogs, said one of his primary concerns about next-generation consoles is the price point.

"For me, it's lowering the cost and making things more accessible for the average consumers," he told the publication.

O'Connell also expressed an interest in watching how Sony and Microsoft's new consoles make AAA titles more immersive for consumers by utilizing more RAM and graphical horsepower, as well as what the future holds for next-generation motion-tracking technology.

Sleeping Dogs--a revival of the cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong--is an open-world action game set in Hong Kong. The game puts players in the boots of Wei Shen, an undercover police officer fighting through the seedy criminal underworld of the sprawling city.

According to Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs will give players a variety of combat options. These include gunplay--which takes place in streets, harbours, and skyscrapers--as well as a hand-to-hand combat system that lets players use martial arts to bring down their enemies.

As for the next generation of systems, Nintendo's Wii U is the only future-generation console to be announced. The system is due for a worldwide release this holiday season.

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