Sleeping Dogs Dev Reveals PC Open-World Action Game Triad Wars

Triad Wars is set in Hong Kong and launches for PC in early 2015; watch a trailer now.

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Just as the studio said it would, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has revealed its next game. Triad Wars is a online open-world action-adventure game for PC set in Hong Kong.

In the game, due out in 2015 (sign up for the beta here), your goal is to "rise to power as a criminal kingpin of the Triad underworld." To do this, you'll need money, and you'll get that by establishing your turf with "lucrative, albeit questionable operations" through which you'll gain stacks of (dirty) money you can use to arm yourself against rival gangs.

Money alone won't be your saving grace in Triad Wars, however, as players will also take on shooting, driving, and melee missions. "In Hong Kong, the action never stops and your rivals aren't going down until you put them there," Triad Wars community manager James Baldwin writes on the game's website.

Overall, United Front Games stresses that you'll be able to play Triad Wars the way you want to.

"Whether you choose to excel in extortion, hacking, money laundering, stolen cars, or even just good ol' fashioned violence is strictly situational and will be representational of your playstyle. It's your city to claim, and how you do it is entirely up to you," Baldwin says.

United Front Games also expects that Triad Wars will grow and evolve over time, based on player feedback. In the video above, a developer says, "This thing's a living, breathing thing. It's just going to keep evolving. I'm excited to figure out what it's going to be in two years. It could be a completely different game, and that's really exciting."

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