Sled Storm 2 update

We have the latest on the changes being made to EA Big's snowmobile racing game.


The last time we checked out Sled Storm 2 for the PlayStation 2, the gameplay was solid but the visuals weren't quite up to par with the standards set by other EA Big games like SSX. Having recognized this, the development team behind the game went back to the drawing board and came back with track designs that are much more creative and vibrant than those in the previous version of the game. The tracks are filled with plenty of twists, turns, and shortcuts. There are also a wide variety of obstacles ranging from trees to giant lobsters.

Sled Storm 2's gameplay is fairly easy to get into, but there is a slight learning curve because the game depends so heavily on a player's ability to powerslide well. Since there are so many more turns in each of the several tracks in the game, it can be a little difficult to place any higher than fifth or sixth place because players will constantly slam into walls and other objects. But after taking a few laps around the track, most players should be a little more comfortable with the game's powersliding system. Sled Storm 2 also has a basic trick system that lets you execute various tricks by tapping the shoulder buttons on the PlayStation 2 controller, as well as a turbo option players can use to give their sled a little extra boost off jumps or while on a straightaway.

Sled Storm 2 still has some frame rate and clipping issues, but it has vastly improved on the previous version of the game, and there's plenty of time for these problems to be fixed before the game's March release.

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