Slasher Classic Silent Night Deadly Night Is Getting A Reboot

The new version of the controversial seasonal horror movie will be released in 2022.


The classic '80s horror movie Silent Night Deadly Night is being rebooted. It's been announced that a new version of the controversial seasonal slasher will be released in 2022.

The Silent Night Deadly Night reboot will be produced by the original film's producers, Scott Schneid and Dennis Whitehead, with Orwo Studios and Black Hanger Studios. There's no word yet on a director or cast, and while the release date hasn't been confirmed, it's safe to assume that it will arrive in November or December next year.

In a statement, co-producer Anthony Masi said, "We are thrilled to be working with the original producers as well as Orwo and Black Hangar and are committed to honoring nostalgia for the original while offering surprises for new audiences to discover and embrace."

While the original Silent Night Deadly Night wasn't the first Christmas-themed horror movie, it was by far the most controversial. The pre-release publicity focused on the movie's axe-wielding killer Santa, and a series of TV ads were broadcast during family-friendly prime time shows. The film was met with mass protests from parent groups across the US when it hit theaters in November 1984, and it was pulled from release shortly after by distributors TriStar Pictures.

Nevertheless, the movie became a success on VHS and is now considered a cult favorite amongst horror fans looking for scares during the Holidays. It was followed by the much-maligned 1987 sequel, which reused a lot of footage from the original as well as inspiring the "garbage day" meme. There were three more sequels in 1989, 1990, and 1991, plus a loose remake titled Silent Night in 2012.

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