Skyrim's Macho Man Dragon Mod Coming to Xbox One, But Not PS4

Macho Dragon's creator on the PS4: "I'd barely calling it modding."


With the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition comes mods support on consoles, and many players have wondered if we'll ever see the Macho Man dragon mod make its way to Xbox One. I got the opportunity to talk to the mod's creator, FancyPants, and he says it's "definitely coming to Xbox."

FancyPants added that his experience with bringing mods to Xbox One has been good, with "very few problems porting [them] over." Furthermore, he hopes other developers take note of Bethesda's foray into console mods.

"This is probably a bit naive, but my hope is that if it's successful, other developers might take notice and start offering official support for modding," he said. "Far too many games encrypt their files and assets which makes modding range from difficult to virtually impossible."

As a devoted modder, FancyPants believes that the more avenues for which creators can deliver their projects, the better. Despite his overall positivity towards console mods, FancyPants isn't impressed with how Sony has dealt with them on its platform. Because Sony requires every Fallout 4 and Skyrim mod to be created with nothing but assets already in the games, FancyPants can't port any of his over to the PS4. In fact, because of the platform's restrictions, he says he'd "barely call it modding."

"I have no plans to make any [mods for PS4]," he said. "None of the modders I know are planning on making anything, either. I think a lot of players are going to be very disappointed."

We also talked briefly about the possibility of bringing back paid mods, a system Bethesda and Valve tried to implement in 2015. He says that if they could figure out a system that isn't "inconvenient for users and didn't devolve into a mess of microtransactions, clickbait, and stolen assets," then it might work. While he thinks it would be nice, FancyPants doesn't believe such a system is possible.

"The way Valve and Bethesda tried it a while back with Skyrim should be a case study on how not to do it," he said. Fancy Pants noted the lack of advance warning both companies gave the community, how some paid mods required assets from free mods, and the "nightmare" that was curation as key reasons.

"About the only kind of thing I probably would support for paid mods are large scale projects, like Enderal or Skywind, if it ever gets finished," FancyPants continued. "Those kinds of projects tend to have a lot of volunteers though, so even that might be too messy to deal with."

In similar fashion to his Macho Dragons mod, FancyPants replaced all of Fallout 4's Death Claws with Macho Man-like creatures. You can download the Macho Dragons mod here and the Macho Claws mod here. As always, it's important to practice caution when downloading anything from the internet.

You can see all the mods available for Skyrim Special Edition on PS4, Xbox One, and PC here. Additionally, if you want to transfer your save file over from vanilla Skyrim, then there's one caveat that you might want to know about.

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