Skyrim: Special Edition's Newest Update Causing Crashes for Some

You might want to hold off on downloading update 1.1.

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A new update deployed for Skyrim: Special Edition yesterday is causing serious technical issues for some players.

As documented on places like Reddit, the remastered Skyrim is crashing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One following the release of update 1.1. Players report this happening with and without mods installed, so it doesn't appear to be an issue of outdated mods conflicting with the update.

By most accounts, the crashes don't happen immediately upon opening the game, only occurring after a few minutes of play. Some players have had success with making new saves, completing the opening area, and then loading into their original saves, but many others have not.

Bethesda hasn't yet released an official statement regarding the issues. However, its Twitter support account has replied to those reporting the issue to say it's investigating the problems. (It also points to a generic "what to do if the game crashes" support article that likely won't apply here.) There's no indication of how quickly it might be fixed. Suffice it to say, if you haven't already downloaded the update, you may want to avoid doing so for now.

Update 1.1 was a relatively minor patch, resolving issues with downgraded audio, NPCs not showing up where they should, and other things of that nature.

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Avatar image for djopplejuice

Yep this issue is hitting my system hard. I have about half a dozen quests on hold. I can play for a while then the game just hits a wall, crashes and burns. When this happens it essentially corrupts my save. If I reload the save after the last crash I have about 5 seconds until crash and burn. I have to force stop the game, restart, load about 3 saves back from the new crash point and make sure I do something completely different then the last time and play until the next crash cycle. Hit a new crash, reload 3 saves back, do something different in the game wait for new crash. Right now I have about 6 different crash points and they just keep adding up it's crazy. I have tried with no mods and with mods, new game and old game, same outcome. I really hope this gets fixed soon because I want to play :(

Avatar image for whitewarriar75

I still have the problem, and it's sooooo annoying. A new patch needed please

Avatar image for gothsalvation

Is Bethesda competing with Ubisoft to see who can put the most broken game out there?

Avatar image for cwalrob

Easy to fix: the unable unofficial fix bug patch.

No clashs here.

Avatar image for thetruegamer28

The stability issue was annoying in the original. But since this is a "remaster", issues like this are unacceptable. However, I'll let it slide just little ONLY because this is technically their first ever remaster. Any issues that arise in future updates will be inexcusable considering they have an easier time now thanks to the consoles having PC architecture. Btw, as for these crashes. I'm playing PS4. The crashes occur randomly. Sometimes it crashes in 1hr, sometimes in 3min. And nothing I've tried resolved it. This serious issue makes the game so hard to enjoy. Even PS3 didn't crash as much post 1.9. At least for me.

Avatar image for Chris_53

They have released a beta for a new (1.2) patch on Steam. Hopefully this will fix the crashing but why can't they test these themselves, rather than get the PC community to do their job for them?

Avatar image for thetruegamer28

@Chris_53: So you're assuming the devs just kick back? The more people testing, the better. The devs alone aren't going to find many issues. With people testing the beta along with them will help discover and address even more issues.

Avatar image for Runeweaver

Gotta love Bethesda's patches, we all remembers the backwards flying dragons, or the sudden zero resistance to magic and elements so you die even if a Skeleton mage looks at you funny.

Here's a new idea perhaps test the patch before release.

Avatar image for Barighm

The exact same thing happen around the 1.2, 1.3 mark with the original game. Game played fine for me out of the box. After a few months, tried to play it again, but the game would crash or be unreadable. Wasn't able to play the game again until 1.4.

Avatar image for mattcake

Why are you digging up 5yr old news articles?

Oh... right.

Avatar image for Chris_53

If I have to start a new game because of this then I want a full refund!

Avatar image for huyi12

and yet they have done nothing to fix this issue and halt the update on psn or xbox live.

Avatar image for thetruegamer28

@huyi12: Too bad they aren't like R*. R* usually hotfixes their bugs and then addresses them with the next patch.

Avatar image for mogan

"At Bethesda, we break the game when we fix the game."

Avatar image for aross2004

Oh Bethesda, how I love you and hate you all at once...