Skyrim PC players average 75 hours of playtime

Bethesda creative director Todd Howard says PC edition of blockbuster open-ended RPG has sold multiple millions of copies, runs down lengthy list of features that could be coming to The Elder Scrolls V.


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LAS VEGAS--It's not surprising to hear that an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player spent 75 hours playing the game. It's a little more surprising to hear that's what the average Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player spent in Bethesda's open-ended role-playing game.

Skyrim: Stay awhile. Stay forever.
Skyrim: Stay awhile. Stay forever.

Delivering the opening keynote address of the 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit tonight, Bethesda Game Studios creative director Todd Howard said the average Skyrim playtime for the PC version of the game was 75 hours. That's not exactly a small sample set, either, as Howard said multiple millions of people had picked up the PC edition of Skyrim. Combined with the console versions, Skyrim has sold more than 10 million copies, Howard said.

Beyond that, Howard also showed off a video clip compiling some last-minute work on the game. Once development on Skyrim was essentially complete, Bethesda gave its developers a week to work on whatever they wanted, provided it could be put into the game. The week that followed was among the most creative and productive in company history, he said, with a host of new features being tossed into the game.

Among the week's additions were seasonal foliage, spears, dramatic camera angles for magic and ranged combat kills, hanging structures and moving platforms in dungeons, dragon mounts, mounted combat, goblins, spell combinations, the ability to build a home, and even Kinect speech recognition for spells. Unfortunately, Howard was vague about how the new features could be added to Skyrim, saying it might be downloadable content packs, or possibly free downloads.

The keynote address--which is available to watch in its entirety on GameSpot--covered a variety of subjects, from Bethesda's design philosophy to the reasons Howard believes this is a golden age of gaming.

The D.I.C.E. Summit (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) is a once yearly conference dedicated to exploring approaches to the creative process and artistic expression as they uniquely apply to the development of interactive entertainment. It is organized by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and hosts the annual Interactive Achievement Awards, which celebrate the best games of the past year, as voted by AIAS members. Comedian Jay Mohr will return to host the awards show--which takes place on February 9.

For more, check out GameSpot's coverage page, which will feature full video of every panel and keynote address from the 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit.

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Avatar image for Paulos1974

Lvl 59 & 566 hours in! Still not 'discovered' 2 main cities (Morthal & Solitude) and not done much of the main quest.....Tbh, its only the Companions questline I have completed. I have started the other tho ^_^

Wonder if I'll actually complete it this year :D

Avatar image for svenjl

First play through was 86 hours, only to lvl 39. Had heaps of quests left. Need a break now.

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

Becoming a powerful mage takes a loong time. But its worth it.

Avatar image for commander1122

around 300 hour + 79 level now....done almost every side quest....=.=

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

I'm about at 40 hours and only lvl 33 so not suprised. I think its a little low for many haha

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

impressive, i am far more than that though

Avatar image for ZeroX91

200+ hours still haven't bothered with the blades or paarthurnax most of the sidequest are more entertaining than the main plot.

Avatar image for Travis281

McDog3, just beat the damn story. Why do people think it's so great that they've spent a lot of time in the game while avoiding the main story line? It's a fairly short set of quests so just get it over with, good grief.

Avatar image for McDog3

75? I've nearly tripled that in the one playthrough I have. (Still have not completed the main storyline.)

Avatar image for raahsnavj

I would like to get back into this game, but this is the very reason I don't feel like playing it right now. I could play it, but knowing that there practically is no end to the thing for a guy that can only dedicate 5 hours or so to gaming a week I keep putting in something else. That's fine though because someday things will slow down and I will want a game like this again.

Avatar image for accretia27

i have no idea how many hours I spent on this game(I lost count,but gonna I'm gonna find out after i post this comment), but what I know is this this game is one of the most addictive game I've ever played...

Avatar image for Pete5506

Not really surprised, it takes about 75 hours to hit everything in the game

Avatar image for darkcomedian

My puny 12 hours isn't helping anything.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Guys, seriously take the time to watch his entire keynote. It was not only well arranged, delivered, and insightful -- it was HILARIOUS throughout.

Avatar image for carlisledavid79

I was intending to put something related to an arrow here, but then I took a meme to the knee.

Avatar image for kenmanius

Just installed High Res pack after being away for bout a month. Game is actually running incredibly smooth. No more frame drops in big cities. Color my ass impressed. I can't think of too many companies in recent memory that have gone back and done that.

Avatar image for AuronAXE

I played it for 30 hours. I gotta get back into it, no time though.

Avatar image for Avenger1324

That's a great average considering that represents every legit owner on PC. Getting over 230,000 same time players was not a bad record either :)

Avatar image for RodkaRom

I was over 200hrs but then I took an arrow to the knee... Just kidding, up to 90 :(

Avatar image for ThePedoBear

133 hours in already, finishing my second playthrough!

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

@ash162 Well I'm head of the companions, thieves guild and I'm currently working my way through my 2nd play through so I'd say I'm fairly certain I haven't met any game breaking events yet. Though if you're unsure of anything you choose to do relating to quests in Skyrim, its probably best you check the wikia.

Avatar image for deactivated-59930af094f34

Skyrim was my 1st open world RPG. Loving it! I am about ~130 hours into it, and about to finish the achievements - but there is still more to explore and do (although the additional things to do are repetitive). Can't wait for the DLC. It's funny - but I think this replaced my need for a GTA type game for this year.

Avatar image for jdog8888888

It is a good game. The floating class system makes a second play through a lot less diverse, but any game you can get more than 20 hours of is pretty good.

Avatar image for RadView

135 hrs here. Just playing for achievements and curiousity of a few side quests now. Figure another 20hrs and ill be on another game. Then wait for a dlc addon before I return to Skyrim.

Avatar image for firedrakes

also due the the size of the game iteself. it does take awhile to get to each mission period

Avatar image for Syk0_k03r

lol it takes 120 hours to do EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING in skyrim. Morrowind and Oblivion were much more re-playable. And much better for that matter.

Avatar image for DeFiLeDTitan

still don't know if i'm getting this. Oblivion and the Fable 2 were boring to me. I'm just not into the Tolkien stuff. I'll just have to wait for the next Fallout in a couple years

Avatar image for killa32130

@djforlife84 Coming from the guy on a game website... If you played the game for 1 hour a day since the release you would have way over 75 hours, don't be trolling sir.

Avatar image for Elderscrolls101

Ive played twice the number pc gamers have played. HA!

Avatar image for atopp399

Still don't have the game. After playing MMO games I can't get into single player like this any more.

Avatar image for WCU_deva

wusses, i've done like 152 then star wars came along...

Avatar image for Harrymanhunter1

Nearly 89 hours and still loving it :)

Avatar image for Finvarra

I've topped 400 hours. Apparently I'm not average.

Avatar image for von_bewl

200+ hours here, side missions galore!, skyrim's the only game i bought brand spanking new last year, because it was the only one that i knew would be worth the money

Avatar image for Cwagmire21

I have 80 hours on one playthrough. I plan on making a new character after playing some other games in my backlog.

Avatar image for mothboy

Yea I have 96 hours on this game, absolutely love it!!!

Avatar image for Tzardok

I have no idea how long I have been playing this game. It's been very long. I agree that the combat itself is not very exciting compared to other games, however I am very impressed by the sheer size of Skyrim's world, history and above all politics (I really like political intrigue). This is a great game, certainly worth checking it out. I don't like first-person games in general. I did try to play it in 3rd person but it's not that great, so I keep playing it in 1st. I am surprised to have spent that long in a single game. As for the guys/gals worried about the PS3 version, the only bug I saw was a "flying-then-falling to death Mammoth", really weird but funny. Other than that, nothing. Not even significant slow downs (though a bit more then when I started the game, not very often).

Avatar image for criminalscum87

Hmm, i thought it would have been more than 70 hours honestly. Very excited about some of those possible new features though.

Avatar image for airshocker

Well past that number. Beating the game as an assassin, and I already beat it as a barbarian.

Avatar image for Uesugi-dono

@ash162 - No, perhaps foolishly I only have 1 plus the auto saves. Hmm, I can't see our earlier comments.... I wonder why?

Avatar image for djforlife84

I have no idea how you losers can sink your life away into video games. LOL wow

Avatar image for Kemutsemu

I played about twenty-five and got bored of hitting HP sponges. I really want to like this game, but the combat is either too hard or too easy. Not to mention the uberbandits-- a bandit should never be tougher than a dragon. Ever. Maybe I'll pick it back up after some mods address my complaints-- still feel like Bethesda should know better, though. At least I had a good time exploring, I suppose.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Closing in on 100 hours myself and I had to take a little break from the game. When you start dreaming about Skyrim it's time to get back to reality.

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@Phil-teh-Pirate yeah same here and I have put hundreds of hours in to the ps3 version and all that I have seen is small glitches that is in every version

Avatar image for XanderZane

DiscGuru101 Multi-million sold on the PC. PC gaming is showing strong signs of health. ************************************************************** Well, Edler's Scroll is like one of the top 10 selling PC games of the decade, so there no surprise. Those signs have always been there for this game. It's like saying the same thing Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2, We already know they will sell millions on the PC. It's a given. Same with games like MW3, It obviously sold millions on the PC, but sold even more on game consoles. As for ES:Skyrim, I haven't even started yet. lol!! Just haven't had time. Getting ready to start Kingdoms of Amalur this weekend. I'll have more time to play Skyrim after my vacation.

Avatar image for wwlettsome

Well after completing the Winterhold college quests, the Dark Brotherhood quests, the Theives' Guild quests, the Companion quests, the Bard's College quest, most of the main quests, a raft of word of power quests, a boatload of side quests and random "hey, let's go there and kill some bandits/trolls/draugr" distractions I'm pretty sure I'm close to 150 hours. Still working on the Deadric quests. Throw in some smithing, alchemy and enchanting and there's a whole lot that's been done and plenty more left to do.

Avatar image for q-w-e-r-t-y


Avatar image for Holoogamooga_

This is the way games should be (in terms of play value). I put about 80 or 90 hours into it on the xbox before transferring my save file to the PC and doubling that number.

Avatar image for Finvarra

I thought the average would be higher too. I am at 398 hours and I am still running into stuff I haven't seen before.

Avatar image for ash162

@uesugi-dono sounds gud. Have u lost any save files?

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