Skyrim Parent Company Files Trademark For "Redfall"

What is Redfall?

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Now Playing: Skyrim Parent Company Files Trademark For "Redfall" - GS News Update

ZeniMax, the parent company of video game developer and publisher Bethesda, has filed a trademark application for "Redfall." The trademark application covers a number of things, including PC and console video games.

The trademark application, which was filed on September 10 in the United States and spotted by Newsweek, does not include any further clues about what Redfall might be.

Bethesda released a game called The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard back in 1998, and some people are speculating that Redfall could be the name of The Elder Scrolls VI. However, Bethesda has not commented.

Trademark applications do not necessarily become products. For example, Activision trademarked a number of Call of Duty games like Space Warfare and Future Warfare.

Bethesda does have a history of trademarking new games very, very long before they are announced. The company trademarked Starfield back in 2013, about five years before the game was announced at E3 2018.

What do you think or hope Redfall is? Let us know in the comments below!

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We will surely have to wait until after Skyrim Special Edition hits PS5 and Xbox One 2 to find out.

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I actually played Redguard back in the day. It was buggy as all get out, but it was also pretty fun. I hope it's going to be a Redguard themed full blown Elder Scrolls game.

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Redfall is not a name for a full game. I would bet this is the next major expansion for Elderscrolls online

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We can't know much just from a trademark application. But hey, we can speculate like crazy!

Caveat: I'm no expert on Elder Scrolls Lore, those who know more might have to correct my musings.

During the Skyrim story, the Aldmeri Dominion, spearheaded by the Thalmor, are on the verge of eliminating the Empire entirely. 'Redfall' suggests to me that the next Elder Scrolls tale might be about the impending fall of Hammerfell to the Dominion.

Lore tells us that Hammerfell, during the Skyrim years, has been holding out against the Dominion, even as Cyrodiil knuckled under. Resistance to the Dominion centers there. Morrowind is wrecked and irrelevant. The Nords of Skyrim are quarrelsome and divided, in no position to campaign against the Dominion - but also a great deal of trouble to conquer outright. High Rock just isn't very powerful by itself. The Dominion controls the Southern provinces. Cyrodiil itself doesn't matter very much, so long as the reigning Emperor fails to resist Dominion expansionism. Hammerfell is now outside of the Empire entirely, having defeated the Dominion's attempt to conquer it during the Great War and having been renounced as a province of the Empire by Titus Mede II to curry favor with the Dominion. The Redguard are fierce warriors whose warring factions were united during the Great War, they despise the Dominion, they have a grudge against it, and they are possibly capable of mounting offensives. It makes sense that the Dominion would want to target Hammerfell as its top priority. If Hammerfell falls, High Rock and Skyrim will be the Dominion's next targets.

If that's the story outline, then the player character might be the hero to prevent the fall of Hammerfell. Or - more odiously - he/she could be an important cog in the Dominion's attempts to defeat the Redguard. Bah, they wouldn't do that to us, would they? I've literally killed thousands of haughty Thalmor in Skyrim, I do *not* want to join up on their side! :P

I sure hope we won't have to wait 5 years to get to the next Elder Scrolls chapter. Ugh.

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Yeah, seeing a ton of people guessing it will be set there, although I think it will be more than just one province this time.

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I guess this makes more sense, and a little more proactive, than suing people for using the word "scroll".

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Why did you guys title it like "Skyrim parent company file Trademark for Redfall" that sounds like such a round about way of just saying Zenimax studios file Trademark for Redfall.

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@Marky360: "Skyrim" has more searches. It's Clickspot, remember?

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Hmm, Skyfall...Skyrim...Redfall...its a james bond elders scrolls!

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The Elder Scrolls: Redfall sounds really intriguing

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If it is Elder Scrolls maybe the subtitle is Redfall due to it being High Rock and Hammerfell... maybe.

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@gamingdevil800: Elder Scrolls VI: My Hammerfell from a High Rock.

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we are going to redfall for next big adventure! holy sh......t