Skyrim Cannot Be Stopped: It's Now Available In Yet Another Place, The Epic Games Store

Skyrim's Anniversary Edition is out now for PC on the Epic Games Store.


It's become something of a meme that Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available on every platform and in every place under the sun already, but in fact, the game continues to grow its footprint.

Bethesda's immeasurably popular role-playing game's Anniversary Edition launched today, October 6, on the Epic Games Store. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition itself costs $50, while the upgrade for existing owners is $20.

The Anniversary Edition comes with the base game, all three expansions--Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn--and a variety of creation club content. It also includes some new game elements, like fishing.

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition's launch on the Epic Games Store came not long after the RPG was released in on another platform, Switch. However, reports say the Switch version leaves a lot to be desired.

Game director Todd Howard said in 2018 that Bethesda continues to release new versions of Skyrim, and on additional platforms, because the game makes money. "If you want us to stop releasing it, stop buying it," Howard joked.

The next title from Bethesda Game Studios is Starfield, which was originally expected to launch in November 2022 before being delayed to 2023. After that will come The Elder Scrolls VI, and then Fallout 5.

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