Skype on Xbox One detailed

Xbox One console to incorporate Skype video calling; service will utilise Kinect voice and camera.


Gamers who wish to stay in touch via Skype will be able to do so on the Xbox One, Microsoft has revealed in an entry on the Xbox blog. The post details the integration of Skype, a voice over IP service, into the Xbox One console.

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It was confirmed during the Xbox One presentation that the console will support Skype video calling. The feature utilises Kinect voice and gesture controls to execute onscreen actions.

According to the blog post, the new Kinect camera will be able to send one-to-one Skype video calls in 1080p, so long as an adequate internet connection is provided. The camera also sports a "wide-angle field of view".

The service will be incorporated into the Xbox One console, allowing gamers to initiate calls using voice commands. The Kinect microphone will also take into account background noise generated from the television and block it out.

Like video and music, Skype is supported by the Snap feature, which embeds the video call alongside other Xbox One activities. Users will be able to activate the feature with the voice command, "Xbox Snap Skype".

Skype is developed by Skype Technologies, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2011.

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