Skype-Like Gamer Platform Curse Voice Reaches New Milestone

Platform hits 1.1 million monthly active users, who have formed 16 million friendships and sent 92 million messages.


Gaming company Curse on Wednesday announced that its proprietary, Skype-like VoIP service Curse Voice has reached new milestones. Since launching the free software in 2014, Curse Voice has now attracted 1.1 million monthly active users (of 3.5 million total sign-ups), who have formed 16 million "friendships" and sent 92 million messages.

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Curse Voice, which is still in beta, works across titles, including some of the biggest around: League of Legends, Minecraft, Smite, and Strife, among others.

Another compelling feature is Curse Voice's social functionality, which allows users to stay connected even when they migrate to new games.

"We believe in the fact that gamers don't always play the same game forever, and you shouldn't lose your friends when you switch a game," Curse marketing VP Donovan Duncan said in a statement. "So Curse Voice can actually import those friends, and let you retain those connections over time."

For lots more on Curse Voice, and to install the client, head to the Curse Voice website.

[Updated 1:37 PM EDT with the correct figures for monthly active users and total installs]

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