Skylanders coming to Kindle Fire with in-app purchases

Activision's $1 Cloud Patrol game set to arrive on original Kindle Fire and upcoming HD model; gamers can make one-click real-world toy purchases.


Activision's Skylanders toy/game series is coming to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet line with in-game purchases. The publisher announced today that Skylanders Cloud Patrol will be released on the just-revealed Kindle Fire HD, as well as the first-generation Kindle Fire, with users able to make a real-world Skylanders toy purchase without exiting the game.

More Skylanders, more problems? Activision doesn't think so.
More Skylanders, more problems? Activision doesn't think so.

Users who purchase physical Skylanders toys in-app will unlock the digital character immediately, with the physical toy arriving later through the mail. This feature is not available on the iOS version of Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

Activision did not say when Skylanders Cloud Patrol for the Kindle Fire will launch, but announced it will cost $1. As announced yesterday during Amazon's media event, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD will launch September 14, with the 8.9-inch and 4G models shipping November 20.

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