Skyblivion Mod Update Video Shows Off Unique Weapons And Plenty Of Goblins

Skyblivion's team of modders have also completed recreating Bruma, one of Oblivion's main cities.


The team behind Skyblivion, a mod with the goal of recreating all of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's Tamriel using The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's engine, has been in the works for years now. With its release still a ways away, the team has released a new update video highlighting the progress made so far, which includes fully recreated cities, clothes, unique weapons, and a whole lot of angry goblins.

A solid part of the 15-minute long update is actually dedicated to goblins, how they live in Cyrodiil, and the goblin variants players will fight. Anyone who remembers Oblivion's introduction sequence may remember that goblins are some of the first enemies that players face on their own, and continue to fight throughout the game. The Skyblivion team has apparently given each of Oblivion's seven goblin clans the same amount of attention, highlighting their distinctive looks.

Outside of all things green and angry, Skyblivion's update also showcased the mod's recreations of Oblivion's iconic unique weapons. While Skyblivion's goal is to recreate Oblivion, the development team isn't afraid of taking their own creative liberties. As such, some of Oblivion's standout unique weapons and Daedric artifacts, like Umbra or Goldbrand, have been largely reworked with brand-new models or abilities.

Skyblivion doesn't have a release date just yet, and it likely won't for a long while. Even though its most-recent update goes over the massive city of Bruma and shares that others, namely Skingrad and Bravil, are finished, there's still much more of Oblivion to recreate. Outside of the game's six remaining cities, including the Imperial City, the team at Skyblivion also has to recreate the realm of Oblivion itself. Anyone who wants to help out the team of modders can apply for open positions on its website.

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