Sky: Children Of The Light Reveals A Challenging New Season

The Season of Prophecy is available now.


Sky: Children of the Light is moving into its seventh season, introducing a set of trials and a new narrative that will delve into the villagers' origin story. The season is available now, bringing with it a bunch of new cosmetics, expressions, and other items.

The Season of Prophecy is Sky's latest seasonal event, which Thatgamecompany promises will be its biggest season yet. The new season looks to expand the scope of its seasonal content yet again, after the Season of Enchantment and vacation-themed Season of Sanctuary both introduced huge new areas to the game.

The biggest thing the Season of Prophecy brings to the game are trials--a set of four different trials based around water, earth, air, and fire. The new season will take place within the Isle of Dawn's Cave of Prophecies, promising to "unravel its original purpose," with a narrative designed to reveal more of the game's mysterious backstory.

The season will include just four new expressions, as well as cosmetics including five masks, four hairstyles, three capes, a new instrument, and more. Some of these seasonal cosmetics and rewards require the $9.99 season pass to redeem.

Thatgamecompany also announced that Sky's Halloween-themed event Days of Mischief would be returning between October 22 and November 4, with new themed cosmetics and a chance to pick up last year's Halloween cosmetics in a "catch up pack".

Sky recently celebrated a milestone of 50 million downloads across both iOS and Android, less than three months after it reached 20 million. While the plan is for Sky to eventually release on other platforms, its intended 2020 Switch release was delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19, and other platforms haven't yet been announced.

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