Sky: Children Of The Light For Nintendo Switch Confirms New 2021 Release Window

Switch players will be able to play the new game from the Journey developers in the first half of 2021.


After Sky: Children of the Light was announced for the Nintendo Switch in March this year, the release had to be delayed into 2021 due to work changes caused by COVID-19. Now, Thatgamecompany has confirmed a new release window of Spring 2021, after the game was featured on Nintendo Japan's Indie World presentation.

Sky first launched for iOS in July 2019, followed by an Android launch in April this year. The game has since racked up over 50 million downloads across both platforms, and won awards such as Apple's 2019 Game of the Year and Best Gameplay and People’s Choice in the 2020 Games for Change awards.

While the Switch version of the game was originally intended to launch in Summer 2020, the release has been pushed back--though a tweet from the game's official account has confirmed it's not too far away, now being planned for Spring 2021.

We still have few details on the Switch version of the game, especially around questions involving cross-play and cross-save with mobile platforms, and whether mobile players will be able to transfer or link accounts.

GameSpot's review of the iPhone version of the game scored it 8/10. "Sky is both different to everything thatgamecompany has made before but also a smart evolution of what makes its games special," said reviewer Alessandro Barbosa. "It's simple to play while feeling incredible at the same time, making the act of flight exciting every time your feet leave the ground. It also features a fascinating spin on in-game purchases, locking its most alluring rewards behind the action of making friends and making a positive enough impression on them."

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