Skull & Bones TV Show Will Begin Production Ahead Of The Game's Release

Quite the vote of confidence.

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Ubisoft has announced it's teaming up with Atlas Entertainment to develop a TV series that adapts its upcoming pirate adventure game, Skull & Bones. In a rather surprising vote of confidence, Ubisoft is starting production on the show before Skull & Bones even releases.

"Ubisoft is known for creating innovative video games that combine immense worlds with rich narratives," Ubisoft director of development for television Danielle Kreinik told The Hollywood Reporter. Kreinik is scheduled to be executive producer on the new series alongside Ubisoft film and television head Jason Altman.

The Skull & Bones TV series is described as a female-driven drama that takes place in the same setting and time period as the game: the Indian Ocean at the end of the golden age of piracy. Amanda Segal, who's previously been an executive producer for Person of Interest and The Mist, is scheduled to write the series' pilot episode.

Skull & Bones isn't the first video game Ubisoft has adapted for other media. In 2016, Assassin's Creed got its own live-action movie starring Michael Fassbender. That same year, Ubisoft announced The Division would be getting a movie as well, which will star Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. The Division movie is being both written and directed by Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan, and Ubisoft has confirmed it is "well on the way." Ubisoft's Women's Film and Television Fellowship is creating additional adaptations as well, including Child of Light and Werewolves Within.

Skull & Bones builds on what made Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag great, with its surprisingly deep ship-to-ship combat. One of Skull & Bones' modes, called The Hunting Grounds, is a PvPvE shared-open world competition "where every player encounter matters." In this mode, you sail the Indian Ocean and loot merchant ships, set up trade routes, or attack other vessels. You can team up with others to take on more formidable threats, or betray the players you encounter and steal away their treasure.

Skull & Bones is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2019.

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I would say good luck, but the way I see it, a miracle is needed.

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Female driven drama lol, In the age of pirates. Sounds Like more crap of what we get already get alot of. Why not go with some realism instead?

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Female driven drama is a selling point these days, huh?

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Nothing says piracy and high seas action like *squints* female driven drama.

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@Xylymphydyte: It can work if they take a fantastical, comedy driven approach.