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How To Get A Crowbar In Skull And Bones

A crowbar is one of the first tools you'll need in Skull and Bones, and it's easier to acquire than you might think.


When you get through the opening battle sequence in Skull and Bones, you'll find yourself on a small raft with some crewmates who pulled you out of the water after your wreck. You can sail your new ship to a quest marker on the map, which is a tiny island full of other pirates. However, along your way there, you might notice a location at the bottom of a sinking ship that requires a crowbar to enter.

Obviously, after nearly drowning, you don't have a crowbar or any other tools at your disposal. So where you can acquire a crowbar to open the hole in the sinking ship? Keep reading the guide below to find out.

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Finding a Crowbar in Skull and Bones

Fortunately, a crowbar is not a tool you have to work too hard for in Skull and Bones. If you go past the sinking ship and head to your first quest marker, you'll talk to the Pirate Chief Officer on the island. The officer isn't too happy about your ship, the Exeter, being defeated and sunk by the British Fleet. He is still willing to give you the location of Sainte-Anne, though, which is considered "pirate paradise."

Completing this mission will earn you the crowbar you need.
Completing this mission will earn you the crowbar you need.

In exchange for this information, the officer needs you to find the Kingpin's contraband, which was lost at sea when the Exeter sunk. If you look at the contract for this quest, called "A Pirate's Deal," you'll notice that the reward for completing it is some fish, planks, and a crowbar. So all you need to do is find the contraband, head back to the officer, and you'll receive a crowbar as a reward.

The Kingpin's contraband location

You're required to find six Explosive Firearms and six Opulent Rum to complete the A Pirate's Deal quest in Skull and Bones. After you're done talking with the officer on the island, head back to your raft and go to the quest marker on your map.

You'll find all of the Kingpin's contraband near a rock with some broken ship parts on it about 500 meters away from the island, as seen in the screenshot below.

What's a pirate without loot?
What's a pirate without loot?

You can loot all of the contraband by going to the spot shown in the screenshot and pressing the interact key when prompted. Then, once your quest log says you've acquired all of the necessary contraband, head back to the island, talk with the officer, and you'll receive your crowbar.

Coincidentally enough, your next quest objective is to use the crowbar to break into the sinking ship you passed earlier, so you have to head back there anyway.

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