Skater Reveals What EA's Working On With Skate, And He's Not Happy With It

"Look, no big deal, no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3," pro skater says he told EA.


EA is planning to release a mobile port of the 2009 game Skate 3, according to pro skater Jason Dill. Dill explained on the podcast The Nine Club (via IGN) that he had been contacted by EA about their plans for the Skate franchise, leading to a testy exchange.

"I got a call from the EA people about 10 months ago," Dill said. "This woman emailed me, and she said, basically, 'Hey Jason, we want to do a mobile version of Skate 3,' and I wrote back and I said, 'What else?' She wrote back, 'No that's it.' So I wrote back, 'Look, no big deal, no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate f***ing 4 already! Just do it, just make the game, and just participate again."

Dill went on to say that the EA rep again expressed the company isn't planning Skate 4, and he bowed out of participation. He also said he's going to encourage fellow pro skater Atiba Jefferson to refuse as well.

"I think the Skate team at EA has done themselves a big disservice by not actually trying," he said. "I don't want to be on some mobile f***ing gaming system."

Dill also mentioned in passing that "Tony Hawk is putting out another game," though it's unclear if this comment was based on firsthand knowledge.

Skate 3 was the last game in the Skate series, and skateboarding fans have been clamoring for a sequel for years. It was a more realistic take on skateboarding than the more arcade-styled Tony Hawk series, which has also been rumored to be getting a proper sequel for quite a while.

"Skate 3 has its fair share of mostly minor problems," Justin Calvert wrote in GameSpot's Skate 3 review. "But this is the best game in the series regardless, and given the state of Activision's Tony Hawk series right now, that makes it the best skateboarding game around by default. Skate 3 isn't likely to win you over if its predecessors failed to do so, but it goes a great job of catering to newcomers and experienced players alike, and it's one of very few games that makes even the act of breaking your own bones fun."

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