Skate It rolls to Wii, DS Nov. 19

EA wheels out Nintendo-platform editions of last year's disruptive debut into the skateboarding genre next month.


Just because something is counterculture doesn't mean it can't use a bit of a shake-up every now and then. Skateboard-enthused gamers sent that message loud and clear to Activision last year, as EA's debut Skate outsold Activision's latest annual installment in the long-running Tony Hawk franchise by a wide margin. The move prompted Activision to sit the console editions of Tony Hawk out in 2008, with EA also taking until 2009 to deliver Skate 2.

For EA's part, the game maker still has something for the skateboarding sect this year. Today, the publisher said that the balance board-enabled Wii edition of Skate It will join its Nintendo DS counterpart on store shelves beginning November 19.

Developed by EA Montreal and Black Box, Skate It will adapt the formula first seen last year to accommodate both Nintendo platforms' unique control schemes. On the Wii, gamers will have the option of controlling their tricks with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or the Wii Balance Board. The DS edition will use the stylus to "string together" tricks.

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