Skate 4 Will Let Players Build Skate Parks Together - Report

Skate 4 will reportedly feature tons of user-generated content, like building skate parks in the world and skins for your board.


Skate 4 will reportedly have a collaborative "free skate" mode where players can make skate parks out of thin air alongside each otehr. This mode supposedly represents the emphasis that Skate 4 will place on user-generated content when it releases, according to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb.

At the beginning of the latest episode of GrubbSnax, he discussed a recent Skate 4 leak and what he'd heard from playtesters who were able to try the game and this new mode, which appears to be an early standout for the upcoming title. According to Grubb, this "free skate" mode would let players hanging out in the same server to alter the environment around them, allowing everyone present to become a skate architect and freely add elements like ramps to the game world whenever and wherever they wanted. Players can also reportedly delete these elements if they don't want to keep them up, and it should all happen in real time. This would serve the incredible degree of customization that Grubb says EA is reportedly eager to really show off with Skate 4.

To that end, player and board customization also seems to be a core tenet of the game that's being locked down very early in development. Grubb stressed that this customization might look a lot like implementations players have seen in the Forza games, where the community generates a lot of skins and artwork that you could apply to your vehicle. EA's emphasis on user-generated content for Skate 4 is reportedly an attempt to "make Skate modern without taking away what Skate is," according to Grubb, and would be in line with what EA's past comments about UGC finding its way back to this series.

Elsewhere, Grubb went over more Skate 4 playtest details, such as the fact that Skate 4's setting is tentatively called Fun City and looks to have the same balance of missions and open-ended spaces that are weirdly conducive to skating. Here's hoping that Hall of Meat makes a return.

Though platforms haven't been confirmed outside of PC, it's safe to say we'll probably see Skate 4 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S once it's out.

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