Skate 4 Could Bring Back User-Created Content

A new Skate game is coming, and according to EA's Andrew Wilson we might see user-created content making a comeback.


Skate 4 is finally in the works, and while we're yet to see any gameplay footage, we've got some minor insights into what it might look like. While current EA job ads don't show much, EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently talked about the game in an EA fireside chat, and it's given us a few things to work with.

Wilson talked about how enthusiastic people were for a new Skate, and dropped some hints at features the game might contain. He said that while skateboarding "in and of itself has tremendous appeal to a huge, global audience," Skate will also tap into a "trend that’s happening inside our industry around user-generated content, open-world, and interaction."

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Reflecting on skateboard culture, and how much art and fashion tie into it, Wilson said that while skating itself was a "starting point" there's more to it than that. "You start to build in user-generated content, exploration, and community on top of that and that expands the opportunity exponentially," he said.

Skate 3 allowed you to build your own skate park, but it sounds like Skate 4 might encourage customization beyond just how and where you skate. It remains to be seen what form this could take in the final game, though.

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