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Skate 3 Servers Mysteriously Come Back Online, Fueling Skate 4 Speculation

Skate 3 re-enables all of its online functionality.


The servers for Skate 3 have suddenly come back to life. Skate fans are already returning to play on user-created Community Parks and other content made by players, something which had been disabled. EA hasn't yet gone on record as to why the game's servers are back online, but plenty of players are speculating that this is a sign that Skate 4 is on the horizon.

It certainly would make sense. The Skate franchise has been beloved by many for years, and plenty of players have been clamoring for another game. Plus, E3 2018 is days away and EA's press conference is, as usual, set to go first. EA could be cultivating hype around the Skate franchise to drop a Skate 4 announcement. Seeing a surprise trailer for Skate 4 debut alongside gameplay for Battlefield V and Anthem would make for quite the exciting showcase and an incredible start to this year's E3.

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Of course, it's still too soon to do anything but speculate as to why EA reignited Skate 3's servers. The company could simply be testing the waters to determine whether or not a sequel would be even worth it. Or, in celebration of Skate 3 finding new life via Xbox One's backwards compatibility program, EA could just be rewarding its player base. An announcement for a Skate 3 remaster is also possible.

You won't want to miss out on EA's press conference this year. Be sure to keep your eyes locked on GameSpot all this next week. We'll be covering E3 2018 from start to finish.

This story has been updated with further clarification about what online functionality had been previously disabled.

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