Six New NES/SNES Games Coming To Switch Online This Month, Including Star Fox 2

Star Fox, Kirby, and much more.


Nintendo Switch Online is expanding its selection of NES and SNES games this month, with the addition of six new games on December 12. These include four SNES titles and two from the NES, expanding the system's offering out to 50 NES titles and 24 SNES titles. The new games are a mix of familiar SNES titles and perhaps lesser-known NES games, including one SNES game that only received an official release two years ago as part of the SNES Classic Mini--Star Fox 2.

The three other new SNES titles coming are Super Punch Out!!, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II. Of these titles, Breath of Fire II is the only one not also available on the SNES Classic Mini, and both SNES Breath of Fire titles are now available to subscribers on Nintendo Switch. Star Fox 2 is likely the highlight for many, though--the game was completed in the 90s but was never released. Although it only earned a 5/10 in our review, it's an interesting curio.

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The NES titles added are Crystalis, an action-RPG set in a ruined civilization, and Journey to Silius, a run-and-gun shooter. While both titles are less well-known than your Metroids and Super Mario Bros., they're interesting additions to the service. From December 5, Nintendo will also be discounting its NES controller bundle by 50%, if you want the authentic experience.

This is the first set of new games to appear on Nintendo Switch Online since September, when the first 20 SNES games all dropped at once. Nintendo has said that updates will happen less often from now on, so don't necessarily expect more games in January. Nintendo Switch Online users also have access to games like Tetris 99 and Super Kirby Clash.

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