Six Flags Virtual Reality Coasters Coming This Year, Watch the Crazy Video Here

"This changes everything."


Big-time theme park company Six Flags today announced what it's calling "North America's first virtual reality roller coaster." Six Flags isn't building a new coaster, but instead will let riders wear a Samsung Gear VR headset on existing coasters ("some of our most popular coasters") to experience the ride in a new way. Check out the announcement video below.

The ride is called New Revolution and it will be available at nine Six Flags parks. Here is the official description:

"You will be transported to a futuristic battle to save planet earth from an alien invasion. Co-pilot your own fighter jet as you strap in for air-to-air combat. As your virtual plane ascends out of a secret bunker, test fire your weapon using the world’s first-ever interactive gameplay technology on a roller coaster. Then race through the city where you'll battle drones to reach and destroy a mother ship."

For Six Flags' three Superman virtual reality coasters, the VR experience will showcase a "comic-book world" featuring a battle between Superman and evil Lexbots.

"This changes everything," Six Flags said on the New Revolution's landing page.

Some people already get sick on rollercoasters, so you might think riding a real coaster, while in VR, would dial up the intensity even more. It might, but Six Flags says it's not worried about motion sickness.

"Because the visuals on the virtual reality screen are synched precisely with the coaster's drops, twists, and turns, there is no motion sickness as some might expect," it said. "As you see the 3D movements through your headgear, your body experiences the identical motion of the coaster, creating an unbelievably thrilling experience. Unlike watching the visuals while standing still, there should be no adverse effect."

Six Flags season pass members can get a first run at the new virtual reality coasters during technical rehearsals to be held this spring. More details, including a full list of participating parks, are available in this FAQ.

Are you interested in riding a coaster with a VR headset strapped on? Let us know in the comments below!

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