Six Developments from The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 13 [SPOILERS]

"We are all Negan"


Carol and Maggie have been kidnapped by members of The Saviors. Rick and the group want to make a trade, as they've captured Primo, one of the gang members. The episode primarily follows Maggie and Carol in The Saviors safehouse.

Warning: Spoilers for season 6, episode 13 of The Walking Dead "The Same Boat" will be discussed below.

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The Saviors Have Another Base

While Rick and company thought they were raiding the main Saviors base, they weren't all there. Maggie and Carol were brought to "the breakpoint," which is The Saviors safe house. The two women have their hands and feet taped together and are forced to stay there while the situation is all figured out.

If The Saviors has a safe house, then they most likely have other places where this group lives and operates. Sure, no one has visited the breakpoint in over a month, but they're a well-organized team, and that main base Rick raided can't be the only one.

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Carol May Be Losing Her Mind

Carol started off as a character that lived in fear of her abusive husband. With time, she became stronger and able to stand on her own as one of the tougher characters in Rick's group. During this episode, she seems to be breaking down. She told The Saviors she's not afraid of dying but afraid Maggie's baby will get hurt.

There's a moment of weakness Carol has where she gives away the info that it was her group that killed The Saviors that threatened Daryl and Abraham. There's something wrong with her, but was she playing The Saviors the whole time in order to make them think she was weak so she could gain a tactical advantage?

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Saviors Call Zombies "Growlers"

Every group in this series calls zombies something different. Primarily, the audience is used to hearing Rick and company call them "walkers," but as we've heard from other groups, that's not the only word people use to describe the undead. Terms like biters, roamers, cold bodies and others. The Saviors revealed they call the undead "growlers."

It may not be a huge development, but it reminds the viewer that while they're following Rick's group, it's a much larger world out there and thus far, no two groups have called zombies the same thing.

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"We Are All Negan"

Everyone is wondering who and where the leader of The Saviors is, Negan. When asked about how his whereabouts, Molls, one of the members of The Saviors, says ,"We are all Negan," alluding to the fact that there's no actual "Negan." This character is a myth or even a collective of people.

However, it's impossible to believe that line if you follow any of the news about this show, as Jeffery Dean Morgan was cast as Negan and will appear in the season finale of this season. We're still three episodes away from finally seeing this character, unless he actually pops up earlier.

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Carol is Cold-Blooded

As previously mentioned, Carol is going through some tough times. This week, she ends up letting loose and has no problem killing people in some extremely brutal ways. While Carol and Maggie's captors are killed off after Carol's daring escape, nothing can prepare the viewer for what happens next.

Carol uses a walkie-talkie to tell some of The Saviors that were heading to the safe house to go to the Kill Floor. The small group heads into the room and waits. Carol tosses a lit cigarette into the room and closes the door. The cigarette ignites some gasoline and The Saviors burn to death.

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Primo is Negan?

After Carol and Maggie have disposed of The Saviors, Rick shows up with Primo, the man they captured. Rick asks Primo about Negan, if he was in the building they raided or in the safe house. Primo alludes to the "We Are Negan" idea saying he was in both places.

Next, Primo tells Rick that he's Negan. Rick kills him right away. It's all done. Negan and The Saviors are no longer a threat, right?

Last week's episode was unsettling and haunting. Episode 13 was personal and worked at developing Carol and Maggie more. It's a bit ironic that Carol was brought to the "breakpoint" because that's truly where she's at right now. She's on the edge, having survived more than most people in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Will she actually break or is her will strong enough to endure it all?

Because of the final moments of the episode where Primo reveals he's Negan, it's seems like this group is going to think that the worst is over for now. Fans of the comic book and those who keep up with casting news know otherwise, but these characters don't, so killing "Negan" means that this group can get back to a place of normalcy. The past two episodes have been incredibly intense and there's a lot of weight on the shoulders on the people in Alexandria. Viewers can probably expect things to settle down and become a bit slower-paced for the next couple of weeks.

The episode focussed more on the women of the series, minus Michonne. It showed the role that women play in both The Saviors and in Alexandria. When one of The Saviors found out Maggie was pregnant, she was perplexed by it. It seems like love and relationships within The Saviors are an alien element to them because survival (and ruling through fear) is most important. The people of Alexandria also want to survive but there's a lot of cultural elements from the pre-walker world. That's where the title "The Same Boat" comes into play. They all live in this world together, but the way they all live is very different.

What this episode did well was show that strong characters don't always stay strong. Carol has been on an incredibly emotional journey. She's been one of the toughest members of this team, sometimes going what some would consider to be too far with her quick and rash decisions. However, that all comes at a cost, and we're seeing her start to unravel. Her story is important in the grand scheme of things because while no one is safe from the walkers, they're also not safe from themselves.

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