Siren movie begins production

Adaptation of horror game will be hitting Japanese theaters alongside the PS2 sequel in February.


TOKYO--A movie based on Sony Computer Entertainment's Siren series will be coming out next year, according to reports in the Japanese press. The thriller will be directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, best-known in Japan for many hit TV shows, including Psychometrer Eiji and Trick. Starring in the lead is Yui Ichikawa, a 19-year-old actress famous for her role as Chiharu in the hit horror movie Juon.

Sony originally released Siren as a PlayStation 2 game in November 2003. The game enjoyed steady sales but became infamous in Japan for its controversial TV commercials, which were pulled after frightening many children. The original Siren has sold more than 200,000 units in Japan and more than 300,000 units in America.

The movie version of Siren takes place in Yamijima, a fictitious island where all the inhabitants vanished without a trace 29 years ago. The heroine comes to Yamijima to help out her little brother, who's resting there after an illness. However, she soon starts to encounter strange phenomena on the island, where an ordinance forbids anyone from going outside when the local air-raid siren is sounding.

The filming of Siren is already nearing completion, and it will open in theaters on February 11. Sony will release Siren 2, which also takes place on Yamijima, for the PlayStation 2 during the same month.

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