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SCEE releases the first information on its upcoming survival horror game, first sighted at its recent PlayStation Experience event in London.


Following our all-too-brief encounter with Siren at the PlayStation Experience event in London last week, SCEE has today released the first snippets of information on the game. Described as the story of three days in a living nightmare, Siren will take place in the Japanese village of Hanyuda, where the sea has turned blood red and the inhabitants are mutating into all manner of vile creatures.

During our time with the game, we played as an elderly gentleman who, it turns out, will be one of 10 playable characters in the game--each embroiled in his or her own fight for survival. Intriguingly, events in the game will not unfold in chronological order, and it seems that the only way players can hope to understand what has happened in Hanyuda will be to witness the horrors through the eyes of all 10 characters. Today's press release suggests that all of the playable characters in the game will share the ability to look through the eyes of others in their vicinity, but it also states that the extraordinary observational power could be more of a curse than a blessing.

Siren, which is a working title, is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2004. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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