SingStar playing America's tune

Sony confirms popular PS2 karaoke franchise will finally make it to the US and Canada.


Sony Computer Entertainment America has today announced that it will release SingStar for the PlayStation 2 this fall. The karaoke game, which will come bundled with two USB microphones, scores players on their pitch, tone, and rhythm as they sing along to any of 30 licensed tracks spanning multiple genres, including rock, hip-hop, and pop.

The SingStar series is already a big hit in Europe where no fewer than five different iterations of the game have been released since 2004. A sixth game, titled SingStar Anthems, is scheduled for release there early next month.

None of the 30 licensed tracks that will grace the North American version of SingStar have been confirmed at this time. But, as is the case with European versions of the game, gamers will have the option to sing along to them while watching either the original music video or, if they have an EyeToy, their own performances. Gamers' favorite performances can even be saved onto a PS2 memory card and then enhanced using various audio techniques.

Gameplay modes in SingStar will include solo, freestyle, pass the mic, battle, and duet, all of which can be played at multiple difficulty levels. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with SingStar senior producer Paulina Bozek.

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I'd love to get this game, but I'm not sure there's enough alcohol in the world to get me drunk enough to sing in public. :)

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Ponsardin- how would you sing instrumental music? as for Singstar, the more karaoke games, the better....

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"OMG how can you call this a game if it doesn't have guns and cars!?" I find people like that really annoying. Games don't have to be about killing, racing or whatever, they can be about socialising, playing with your mates and at parties. SingStar has done very well in Europe and Australia, but I'm not quite sure about the US because of the people I mentioned above. I've never played it because I don't go to parties that often and I would be too embarrassed, but there are plenty of people out there who love it. And it's not just a karaoke without the booze. The game rates your pitch and tone and gives you a score. You don't see that at a karaoke. And drinking can be included, because I'm sure at every party there's alcohol. Can people just get used to the fact that there are games that don't involve death and destruction, and more and more party games are getting released. It's a good idea. Some people are becoming very anti-social because they always play video games, but if more games like this get released, these people may start talking to other people.

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I'll pass.

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i dont mind buying it. the more PARTY games out there, the better for my PARTY. i cant sing, so are most of my friends. but have enough booze, and everybody will try it and have fun. Party(w/ booze) + Singstar = FUN

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In fact, I'm so not interested about Singstar because neither of my favourite music genres is found in it. In fact, I doubt anyone would put instrumental jazz/electronic music at a karaoke session.

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I am excited about this. I love karoke revolution and I was quite surprised to find out this game exsisted when the ps3 version was showcased at the press conference at E3. Obviously they are putting out the ps2 version to finally get the name know here for when it does come out for ps3.

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its done really well here in australia and europe and should get a warm welcome in the us

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Um im sure people are underestimating Sing Stars popularity. ALL the gals i know luv this game(s), and its always been a hit @ parties. Seriously jus cos it dosent invovle guns or carjacking, dosent mean its not good. Belive me singstar in Europe and Aus has sold VERY VERY well....

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Wow. It amazes me that a game that is nearly 2 years old is causing such a stir! And it saddens me to read all the negative 'singing is not gaming' comments. thats rather shortsighted, is it not? Singstar is a great franchise, and has been massive over here in New Zealand since it released - with kids and grown up kids too....

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I've been considering getting a PS2 package just for singstar, it sounds totally gay, but has ended up being the most fun I've had on a console since GoldenEye/Mario Kart. We've busted it out for parties several times over the last year, it's **** brilliant.

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I'm sure this game would be great if I cared about signing. Oh wait, I forget that all posts have to be inintelligible. In that case... "I dnt car abut ths gmae. i not liek to sging."

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Now...what kind of 4-year old would buy this...

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"singing = gaming? reallly? this isjust a karaoke pub without the booze. " Without? I've been to several parties where the host has broken out a Singstar. People are deliciously drunk and sing their hearts out. Great stuff! :) Singstar is hugely popular here in Norway. These are the ultimate "multiplayer" games, because the social component involved in playing these games is astronomical!

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I am getting ps3 so i can get singstar for my wife. She likes karaoke and I like ps3 for fps.

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The dude that buys this is the guy you never will want to see singing and is/or fat. Yeah, not for me thnx.

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I've played all the singstars (live in NZ) they're awesome! I LOVE SINGSTAR! hehe

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does anyone interested in this game?

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uh...YAY! i guess

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nice...i want it

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i hope we get the 80s one.

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I'm looking forward to this flopping. Kariokie was hot back in the 80s? 90s? but it's pretty much dead now except at some party bars.

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It's about time! The Singstar franchise has been a big hit in Europe for many years now. It is long overdue for American audiences.

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it might sound stupid but this is what makes the PS2 and PS3 number 1 in Europe. Microsoft has nothing what the majority of Europeans find attracting. it is nice to see the xbox360 doing worse in Europe then Microsoft expected, because that thing sells like poop on a bun in Europe.

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i don't know of any karaoke that rates your pitch, tone, + rythm....

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ive never heard of it before

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This would be a good game if you have party's and friends over alot.....

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what's the difference between kr and this? just the music videos and what not? will people be able to download new songs?

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It kinda sounds like an american idol game

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I can't believe SingStar hasn't been in the U.S. and Canada. Every girl in my class has a PS2 with SingStar! The whole class had a SingStar party a couple of months ago (I couldn't hit the high notes in "Gold"... I screwed up...)!

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This could be quite entertaining. I'll keep an eye on it.

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SingStar PS3 is coming along great. It's a launch title in Europe and soonish after in the US. Here's the latest fresh HD trailer: << LINK REMOVED >>

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I blame Konami for this... Oh well at least now people can do this at home instead of in public.

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singing = gaming? reallly? this isjust a karaoke pub without the booze.

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I wonder what happened to the PS3 one.I thought it was a launch game.Well at least it is coming out in the US maybe not the PS3 one but PS2 is cool too.Maybe the one for the PS3 was for Europe.I loved the idea of how with Sony's online for the PS3 you could download songs and other stuff for the game.But even if it does not come out for the PS3 in the US.At least now the US gets to see if the games fun.seeing how big American Idol is I think it will be a big hit.