SingStar playing America's tune

Sony confirms popular PS2 karaoke franchise will finally make it to the US and Canada.


Sony Computer Entertainment America has today announced that it will release SingStar for the PlayStation 2 this fall. The karaoke game, which will come bundled with two USB microphones, scores players on their pitch, tone, and rhythm as they sing along to any of 30 licensed tracks spanning multiple genres, including rock, hip-hop, and pop.

The SingStar series is already a big hit in Europe where no fewer than five different iterations of the game have been released since 2004. A sixth game, titled SingStar Anthems, is scheduled for release there early next month.

None of the 30 licensed tracks that will grace the North American version of SingStar have been confirmed at this time. But, as is the case with European versions of the game, gamers will have the option to sing along to them while watching either the original music video or, if they have an EyeToy, their own performances. Gamers' favorite performances can even be saved onto a PS2 memory card and then enhanced using various audio techniques.

Gameplay modes in SingStar will include solo, freestyle, pass the mic, battle, and duet, all of which can be played at multiple difficulty levels. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with SingStar senior producer Paulina Bozek.

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