Singles: Flirt Up Your Life now available

Randy gamers can now download Eidos' AO-rated dating sim for $29.99 or a four-hour trial version for free.


For those who didn't find the Sims salacious enough, Eidos has finally released Singles: Flirt Up Your Life. One of the few games to earn an AO rating for "Adults Only," the European-made dating sim is available for $29.99 exclusively via an age-verified download either from Eidos or from the official Singles Web site. Those wishing to sample Singles before buying the game can download a free four-hour trial version of the much-talked-about title.

Developed by German studio Rotobee, Singles lets players play matchmaker and turn two roommates onto romance. If they put in enough time and effort, gamers will also get to play voyeur as the pair's mutual attraction leads to nudity-filled bedroom encounters. Sensuality aside, Singles will also let players customize their avatars' love dens with furniture and various other interior decorations.

For the full expose on Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, unwrap GameSpot's preview.

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