Singles 2 hooking up in May

Deep Silver's coquettish follow-up to Singles: Flirt Up Your Life due this year; game moves three characters into an urban apartment.


Could there be a more appropriate day to announce the sequel to 2004's wanton Singles: Flirt Up Your Life than Valentine's Day? Deep Silver today revealed that Singles 2: Triple Trouble is scheduled to lead PC gamers on this May in Europe. No official announcement of a North American release has been made.

The game is being developed by Rotobee, developer of the original Singles title. In it, players will move into an apartment in the city with two others. Unbeknownst to the protagonist, an ex lives in the apartment as well. Romantic comedy and cybertitillation ensue.

Triple Trouble lets gamers explore outside their apartments to meet potential hookups in new locations. There will also be new ways for characters to express themselves, and there will be new items in the wardrobe to help your character get some action.

GameSpot will have more on Singles 2: Triple Trouble as details are released.

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