Single Player Games Aren't Really Dying

Looking ahead.

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2017 was a promising year for games. We played one of the best open-world titles ever made. We traversed one of the best platformers. We explored some of the most gorgeous worlds, played some of the best shooters, and explored some of the most engrossing stories to date. We try our best to avoid hyperbole, but 2017 makes that extremely hard.

Of course, the year wasn't without its bad news either. Most recently, publisher EA shuttered Visceral Games, the studio responsible for Dead Space, and the upcoming Star Wars game, which was "pivoted" to function more as a "games-as-service" model.

In the aftermath of that closing, talk began to spread. With more and more games incorporating loot boxes, and single-player games not making publishers enough money to sustain AAA development--is this the beginning of the end for single-player games?

In the video above, Reboot's Mike and Jake discuss this question. For more of these chats, as well as critical video essays, watch past episodes of Reboot on YouTube or here on GameSpot.

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