Singapore Starcraft II pros confirmed for Alienware tournament

Participants to win Alienware X51 desktop and prizes worth $2,500.


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The Alienware Starcraft II Pro/Am Tournament in Singapore--held in conjunction with GameSpot Asia--now has confirmed which of the nation's top Starcraft players will be competing in the event.

Tournament organisers has revealed on its website that the following StarCraft II pro gamers from Singapore will be attending the event: DM.MCZ ProAnnn (Protoss), EveYekke (Zerg), FlashdraKe (Terran), EveDougy(Zerg), FaDeVenosaur (Protoss), DM.MCZ Polaris (Zerg), DM.MCZ River(Protoss), Lobo(Protoss), Ninpo(Terran), EveRekanise(Protoss), EveMaltiso(Zerg), EveJaFF(Protoss), EveVendetta(Protoss), aLtcure(Protoss), DM.MCZ DgNa(Terran).

Get your StarCraft II game on this December 15 and 16.
Get your StarCraft II game on this December 15 and 16.

The tournament will be held on December 15 and 16, from 12pm to 7pm each day. The first place prize is an Alienware X51 desktop, while the runner-up prize is a S$500 voucher. The top eight amateur participants will win S$100 vouchers each, while the bottom eight get S$50 Dell vouchers each. The event is being held at the new Alienware Arena Cybercafe, on the third floor of Lucky Chinatown, Singapore.

On the first day, the pro gamers and amateur players are able to compete; their games have their own stream channels. Gamers can also check out the latest preview version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Players can also try to win up to 50 beta keys to the upcoming expansion. Spectators are also welcome to attend for free.

Amateur players interested in competing can sign up for the tournament now.

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