Singapore Bans Half-Life

Island nation's government blasts Valve's Half-Life from store shelves.


Earlier this morning, a GameSpot reader in Singapore wrote in with some bad news for gamers in the Southeast Asian island-nation. Apparently, the Singapore Board of Censorships and the Ministry of Arts have banned the sale of Valve Software's Half-Life and all of its associated third-party mods, including Counterstrike, claiming that the game contains too much violence, despite the game's built-in parental lockouts.

The reader claims that government officials have already raided a number of LAN shops, and retailers have been ordered to pull all copies of Half-Life from their shelves. In protest of this action, a local web site has published a petition to the government of Singapore to save the legal sale of Half-Life.

Sierra was unavailable for comment at press time. Our Singapore readers and all concerned gamers should visit the petition, linked to the right.

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