SiN Episodes unspooling on Xbox 360 and PS3?

Ritual's Tom Mustaine tells Ain't It Cool News that the episodic PC franchise is next-gen console bound.


Source: An interview with Tom Mustaine, Ritual Entertainment's vice president of development, on infamous entertainment-rumor Web site

The official story: See below.

What we heard: Yesterday, the Thieves Den add-on for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion went up on Xbox Live Marketplace. It was the latest in the increasing number of content updates that Microsoft is digitally distributing to Xbox 360s via its online service.

So far, the game add-ons for the next-generation console have been small in both size and price. Examples range from cheap new cars for Project Gotham Racing 3, free new cars for Burnout Revenge, and several other Oblivion add-ons for under $3. Microsoft, though, has said it plans to offer more substantial 360 updates along the lines of Valve Software's upcoming episodic expansions to the PC version of Half-Life 2. Indeed, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this month, Microsoft announced it had signed an exclusive agreement to get episodic updates to Grand Theft Auto IV after it ships for the 360 next October.

However, this week, word began to spread that a just-released, episodically updated PC game is coming to the Xbox 360. In a lengthy interview, Mustaine outlined Emergence, the first installment of the Sin Episodes series, and its relation to the original 1998 title SiN. The developer's comments were interspersed with screenshots and photographs of the rubber-catsuit-wearing models playing game heroine Jessica and game villainess Elexis Sinclaire at E3.

However, of greatest interest to unrepentant SiN-ners was a comment Mustaine made toward the end of the article. When asked if the SiN Episodes franchise would remain PC exclusive, he bluntly said it is next-gen console bound. "We're going to do a 360 version at some point in the future," said Mustaine. "We haven't finalized those plans yet, so I haven't really announced it yet. But we will be doing it...We were looking at Marketplace for the 360 because episodic on Marketplace would make a lot of sense."

Mustaine also told AICN that Ritual was also hoping to bring SiN Episodes to the PlayStation 3. However, when GameSpot contacted him earlier today, his tone had gone from unrepentantly boastful to cautiously optimistic. "Nothing is set in stone yet--that's the joy of those transcribed interviews," he joked. "We are chasing it down! You'll know as soon as we make a move!"

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus that Ritual wants it to happen, bogus that Microsoft has publicly concept-approved the project.

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