Sin and Punishment Sequel Lined up for Wii U Re-Release

Plus, Mario Galaxy 2 listing shows Wii eShop games will be up-scaled to support 1080p, and supports off-screen play.


Nintendo will re-release the Wii game Sin and Punishment: Star Successor on the Wii U eShop at some stage in the near future, the company has said.

Treasure's arresting third-person shooter, released in 2009, was a long-awaited successor to the cult N64 original. Upon release it impressed critics, with GameSpot's Sin and Punishment review praising its "gratifying action and wealth of ideas."

The game's re-release was announced on Wednesday during the Nintendo Direct broadcast for Europe. These video feeds tend to be slightly altered between US and European regions, and in this case Sin and Punishment was not mentioned in the North American video.

But on both feeds, chief executive Satoru Iwata announced a new plan to re-release certain Wii games as downloadable titles for the Wii U eShop. In the US, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out now, with Punch-Out arriving January 22 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming January 29.

For Europe, the line-up is slightly amended, with Donkey Kong Country Returns replacing Punch-Out. These games will normally cost $20 (£18), but will be available at half price on the week of their release.

During the European Nintendo Direct specifically, Iwata listed four additional games that will be arriving later on eShop:

It is likely, though not yet confirmed, that these games have been earmarked for US release too (Punch-Out, as mentioned above, already has a US release date).

Meanwhile, the eShop listing of Super Mario Galaxy 2 shows that a Wii remote is still required to play the game, while off-screen play now also supported. Meanwhile, the visuals have been up-scaled to support 1080p display.

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