Sims 4 Player Recreates Iconic Seinfeld Apartment

"It's a game about nothing."

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Just days after The Sims 4's release for PC on Tuesday, one player has recreated Jerry Seinfeld's iconic apartment from the hit '90s TV show. Imgur user IanRoach (via Kotaku) uploaded a handful of images of his creation, showing off the apartment and characters modeled after Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

"It's a game about nothing," he writes, referencing George's line from Seinfeld.

IanRoach did a great job recreating Jerry's apartment. Everything is where it should be and the dimensions look about right. But he didn't stop there, as he also modeled Kramer's apartment across the hall, complete with its hot tub and charcoal grill. (Note: do not use a charcoal grill indoors. You might die.)

Earlier this year, another modder recreated Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for an amazing Oculus Rift demo that lets you virtually walk through the space like you never could before.

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