Sims 4 Pets Expansion Brings Your Furry Friends To Life This Fall

What a good boy!


Has there been a missing spot in your sim's life for the past three years? There won't be for much longer--The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion is coming November 10 with lots of new goodies for the pet lover in you.

If you needed any more hours to sink into customizing your sim's families, this expansion will allow it. The new Create a Pet tool will allow you to create any four-legged friend you could possibly imagine, from a recreation of your real pets, to anything Lisa Frank-inspired. Clothing and personality traits will also be available for the first time ever, and your sims can train and play with their pets as well.

Of course, there's more than just your fuzz-ball friends. This expansion also adds the veterinary clinic where your sims can build a career saving the lives of the most vulnerable and sickest of pets. As you work up the ranks, you'll be able to build the clinic your way, hiring staff, battling fleas, and encountering some rather strange ailments too.

Make sure to head to the expansion's new location Brindleton Bay to socialize your pets and pick up a few strays. You'll be able to play fetch on the docks, take a stroll around the lighthouse, and meet plenty of other dog moms and dads.

The Cats and Dogs expansion launches just a week before Sims 4 does on PS4 and Xbox One. At this time, the expansion will only be available on PC and Mac, and sold separately from the base game.

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