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Sims 4 Is Adding Stretch Marks, Birthmarks, and C-Section Scars In Next Free Update

The next base game update will continue to expand the customization options available for your Sims.


The Sims 4's next big base game update is arriving on March 14, bringing with it the brand-new infant life stage. Maxis has just revealed that the free update will have even more in store for players, with new Create A Sim items including stretch marks, birthmarks, and cesarean scars.

EA hasn't revealed the full list of new items yet, but has released a new trailer showing some of the upcoming customization items. The new birthmark cosmetics look to have a number of options for size, placement, and color, and will be available for all life stages including infants. Stretch marks also have a broad range of options, and are likely to be available on teen and older Sims, while the cesarean scar is likely to be more limited in the Sims it can be equipped on.

Sims 4 principal designer Matthew Fahey added in a comment that birthmarks and other body markings can be stacked with tattoos, and will be included under the Skin Details category of Create A Sim.

The base game update with these new options will be available on March 14, two days before the new Growing Together paid expansion releases. Growing Together is all about family dynamics, adding new options for interactions between family members. The expansion will also add new Create A Sim items, as well as a new world, the bayfront town of San Sequoia.

Sims 4 has focused on releasing more inclusive customization options lately, with a recent base game update adding medical wearables such as hearing aids and glucose monitors, as well as top surgery scars and binders.

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