Sims 3 official

Latest version of Will Wright's phenomenally successful franchise coming to the PC in 2009.


Earlier this month, a teaser site popped up on the Internet promising that more information on The Sims 3 would be coming on March 19. Well, D-Day has come, and Electronic Arts has made it official: The Sims 3 is indeed en route.

The third stand-alone game in the Sims series will feature a new engine, which EA has been slaving away at for three years, and the biggest new feature will be the ability to seamlessly move around an open neighbourhood.

Previous games in the Sims series were expanded by packs such as The Sims: Hot Date, and The Sims: Vacation, which let gamers take their sims on holiday or into town with a beau, for example, but these communal zones were always separate from sims' abodes.

In the next game, the sims will be able to walk freely around their neighbourhoods, visit their pals, and venture to new locations such as City Hall and the local park.

There will also be a "deeper" system for governing how sims behave, called the Realistic Personality System, which will let gamers manipulate five character traits when creating their sims. This opens up a number of possibilities, or as EA puts it: "Will you create the nosy, inappropriate, kleptomaniac grandmother who loves to meddle in other people's business? Or the commitment-phobic, hot-headed punk rocker whose rude nature and childish disposition keeps him from scoring a date?" Apparently, 700 million different combinations await.

Customising both the sims themselves and the items around them will also become an easier and deeper experience, EA says. The upgrades include fine tuning for every part of sims' faces, and a new set of design tools for customising items for their houses.

The first Sims game was released in 2000, and since then the series has sold some 98 million games worldwide, and has been translated into 22 different languages.

The Sims 3 is being developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores and will be shipping worldwide on the PC in 2009. There is no mention of it coming to any console platforms.

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what are you people on about?? Is the sims 3 gonna be on ps3??

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some newer laptops have extremely high posibilites that can process even more than an older pc

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hey I have a question that has been floating in my mind for sometime now will the sims 3 be playable on laptops? I'm asking this because most people that i know of play the sims 2 on their laptops. when I first saw the screen shots of the sims 3 In my mind graphics of that caliber will definitely cripple the laptop's performance and can someone predict the system requirements for the sims 3 I would appreciate if someone gave the info

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Sorry, but Will Wright had nothing to do with the sims 2 either. Also, there were others responsible created the sims too. Why do Will Wright get all the credit?

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just a word of warning: what made the first two Sims games great is that it was made under Will Wright and Maxis, this one is made by EA Redwood, EA stated Will Wright won't be overseeing this, so I would wait until more info comes out on this before I'd start jumping on the bandwagon

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well it looks like an improvement gameplay wise, but as for graphics, there not much different really just looks like the sims 2..

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OMG! I can't wait til the sims 3 comes out i already have money saved for when the game comes out and it looks MUCH MUCH MUCH better and I Can't wait til it comes out because on the first day I am going to get it!!! But hopefully the expansion packs are cheaper and they have more cars even though you can download them offline, oh and one more thing hopefully the expansion packs come out quickly. Oh, and if you think that it is not better then the sims 2 IT WILL BE IT WILL!!!!!!

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I love the Sims series and I can't wait for this game to be released. I'm glad that the motives bar is being excluded this time. Its true that it can "rule" your gameplay a little too much. I love the idea of being able to customize the clothing, furniture, and Sims in a whole new way. And the new character traits are going to make the gameplay even more fun as well. I'm pre-ordering this game as soon as the option becomes available!

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They should make the Sims talk english this time around.

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looks the same as sims 2

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Just how different is if from the sims 2???

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My only hope is that vampirism will be in with the core game, and with that more dark vampiric decor

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Gay Dude

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what happened to Maxis interactive and does Will Wright have anything to do with this game or is it EA's take on the Sims?

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Also, in terms of graphics, it looks like TS3 is rendering the much of the neighborhood in real-time. That will probably be a pain for some GPU's (lower to mid-range)...which explains (if not, partly explains) the subtle increase in the graphics. Hopefully Maxis will include a draw distance slider so that I can still have the graphics at decent settings.

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thank god no more loading each place i go, wooo!!!!!!

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Cant wait for this game!!!!

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I don't know how everyone can bash the graphics soo soon.It has only been official for a few months, and it takes a year-years to make a decent game.These graphics arn't final, and a lot of games that you can say have great graphics didn't have all great graphics in alpha and all those stages.They probable focus are REAL improvements, and save textures and shaders for last.

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For being the nex gen of sims games graphically is its a flop it looks not much better then sims2 does, only slightly very very slighty,, & thats to do without my mods add my mods into this is crappola. My sims2 sims look better then they do, & even more realistic.... ;) Thank's to the modding Community of course

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looks good :D

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@ MsRockstar. yes thats why hey wouldnt do that crap :D

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Oh Dear! The Sims 3... the second sequal to that insipid parade of mind tearingly dull gameplay that had me horfing my breakfast with boredom an hour after I had built myself a mansion... after cheating. I can't see how anyone can seriously play this game without prior knowledge that hey have no control over their own life, to the point where the only way they can escape is to create themself an avatar in a larger-than-life 'real world simulation' where they manipulate their avatar's every whim where nothing presents them a challenge so long as they have the time to commit to the task. The only thing that might (and I mean MIGHT) attract me to a sims game is a multiplayer function where I can watch these people break down in some kind of giant on-line AA meeting!

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Now, i wonder how people would feel if they released a new Sims game that mixed The Sims 2 and the latest Age Of Empires game...that would be pretty boring...

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They.... Need... Guns... Give my redneck sim with the pick up a gun rack, let him go down town and if someone cuts him off, blow the lil' turds head off! come on! we're going for as realistic as possible! Aim for those rainbows EA!

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Doesnt look that great I just checked out the screens and it barely looks better that Sims 2. I have all the sims 2 expansion packs and been a big fan for years very dissapointed with the outlook of it so far :-(

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Hmm, I never got into the Sims before, but this game looks intresting. I may very well pick it up when it comes out.

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The camera slowdown sucks bigtime on these games. They seriously need to sort it out...

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I only liked to create houses with the sims, I didn't like to play it, it got old fast and u ended up finding funny ways of killing ur sims, they should make the sims on this game have some kind of survival instint so it's harder to kill them

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Procedural everything for the win!! Sexual version never!!

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It would be nice if they included a sexual version for the adults...or maybe not sexual...just normal nudity...who's the human form. That, and procedural everything.

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oh my god what more can they add?!?! I mean i got bored at sim 1. There is only a few ways you can play. the normal way and the how many ways can you kill your sim person! Is there goin to be more blood and guts or sexual indulgence in there or is there gonna be more boring normal life stuff!!!

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I see what has happened here. tha dude said teh word "chimp" so someone thought he was talking about politics, or rather, a certain famous politician who looks like one. it's an easy mistake to make.

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@ColdRush88: Hey i read Hermes' post. where did he/she mention "politics"? @Hermes33: nice observation! will wright's sick joke has been flying over the heads of gamers for far too long. hey... i wonder... if EA's new "Realistic Personality System(tm)" will let us build sim-Masonic Lodges or sim-Skull & Bones Temples and fill it with Freemasons (FreemaSIMsons?), complete with a sacrificial sim-altar at Bohemian sim-Grove with sim-blood drinking rituals?! C'mon EA! Do it for our mutual master, sim-Satan! And don't forget to include a "sim-carbon credits system" in our sim-Gaia friendly homes for our dumbed-down simian slaves(tm) to "live" in.... but not for long before we tax 'em for breathing and microchip 'em like sim-dogZ! My name is ColdRush88 and I LOVE The Sims! MUAHAHAHAA!!! :D

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I love the Sims! In reply to Hermes33 below: chill out. It's just a video game. There's no need to get all political.

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The Sims is a good game. But did you know that Sims = simians (monkeys)? Otherwise known as simpletons. FOX created a similar play on words with The Simpsons. It's a masonic joke. It's why Homer looks like a chimp. Sadly, the "unwashed masses" are too dumbed-down to understand or "get it", while the freemasons at EA sit back sipping brandy & smoking cigars laughing at you as you hand over your money. Ignorance is bliss, eh? :P

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FINALLY!!! I saw some pics just now that is pretty real looking i cant wait to get it that will be amazing cuz i will be done with spore around that time(cant blame me it is a big game) MAN I CANNOT WAIT!!!

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i love this game so much since 2004 when the sims is launch, mak inspiration at The Sims 2, very nice. and also can make and modify sims, face by yur own, but i hope, the sims 3 can be modify the fit of body, height, weight, especially women, they are pretty, but uper body can also can be modify too...

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i cant wait, i've been a sims fan ever since the first way came out. i slacked off on getting the 20 million expansion packs for the sims 2, but i do have all the original sims. the sims is def one of the greatest games ever made, anyone can play it, from young to old. i cant wait.

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No mention of it coming to consoles!?!? I thought they announced it for PS3 and Wii when they announced sims 3 or was you telling porkies (lies) also I wish they'd tell us wether the console versions are coming out at the same time as the PC version (if there is one), if the console versions a direct port of the PC version, if there's ageing on console, if there's multi-storey houses on console, and if there's babies on console.

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Well i am a big fan but i mean with this new walk around the neighborhood how many bloody times will the game freeze like the last game and it takes sooo long to load the game as it is and when some one asks you do you want to go downtown i am so scared if i go it will freeze or take half my day but i am looking forward to see what you can do in this new game

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I hope they put in some missions in the game so it'll keep you occupied longer.

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-Omerta-, have you ever tried downloading an 800 MB file? Or more? I do it quite a bit on my High Speed internet, and it takes more than 30 minutes. Plus not everyone has high speed internet. In fact, a lot of people still have dial up. So unless you have a T1 connection, you're stuck at home doing nothing for at least an hour. Plus, why not get off your ass and buy it at a store? I mean, you're still sitting the majority of the ride to the store, so you won't lose too many calories. Just go take a walk and buy the expansion packs if you REALLY want them. But you're not forced to buy them. Anyway, to the people who still may be concerned about the graphics, please your eyes and keep calm with this: << LINK REMOVED >> Check out the "Create a Sim" section, the "Screenshots" section is things you've already seen.

Avatar image for ready2freeze

I love the Sims, even though after playing for over 100 hours on one sim it can get a little boring. I'm gettin this game right away, and it better come out on other consoles, and of my choise: PS3, PS2, XBox, 360, and majbe Wii

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the best game ever i played .. sex should also be improved. can we use our own faces?

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I never understood the point of these games. Most people I know just like to find elaborate ways to kill their Sims. Its the best selling game of all time though so something has got to be good about it. I only played Sims 1 and it kept my interest for like a week. I never played Sims 2 so I can't judge but it seemed like more of the same.

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I cant wait, this looks cool!!

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it's 2 long 2 wait i really am a big fan of sims games i've got em all i think but this 1 comes out in a year i really want this game i will spend all my money 2 get it but i cant WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! till then :)

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@kye3k1 --> that would kick ass :D