Sims 3 official

Latest version of Will Wright's phenomenally successful franchise coming to the PC in 2009.


Earlier this month, a teaser site popped up on the Internet promising that more information on The Sims 3 would be coming on March 19. Well, D-Day has come, and Electronic Arts has made it official: The Sims 3 is indeed en route.

The third stand-alone game in the Sims series will feature a new engine, which EA has been slaving away at for three years, and the biggest new feature will be the ability to seamlessly move around an open neighbourhood.

Previous games in the Sims series were expanded by packs such as The Sims: Hot Date, and The Sims: Vacation, which let gamers take their sims on holiday or into town with a beau, for example, but these communal zones were always separate from sims' abodes.

In the next game, the sims will be able to walk freely around their neighbourhoods, visit their pals, and venture to new locations such as City Hall and the local park.

There will also be a "deeper" system for governing how sims behave, called the Realistic Personality System, which will let gamers manipulate five character traits when creating their sims. This opens up a number of possibilities, or as EA puts it: "Will you create the nosy, inappropriate, kleptomaniac grandmother who loves to meddle in other people's business? Or the commitment-phobic, hot-headed punk rocker whose rude nature and childish disposition keeps him from scoring a date?" Apparently, 700 million different combinations await.

Customising both the sims themselves and the items around them will also become an easier and deeper experience, EA says. The upgrades include fine tuning for every part of sims' faces, and a new set of design tools for customising items for their houses.

The first Sims game was released in 2000, and since then the series has sold some 98 million games worldwide, and has been translated into 22 different languages.

The Sims 3 is being developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores and will be shipping worldwide on the PC in 2009. There is no mention of it coming to any console platforms.

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I'll probably get obsessed with it and buy it the day it comes out, like with all of Will Wright's games.

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Wow... this sounds amazing LOL... 700 million... As others said... yeah... there isn't a huge difference in graphics, but I still see a huge improvement. Traveling to neighborhoods, and a new complex personality system sounds enough or more to make up for it. And people can alter the graphics anyway with different types of downloads like the second... right? So this sounds pretty good.

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hope the mac version isn't far behind

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"phenomenally successful franchise"? rofl!

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youdhee, EA Redwood Shores is where much of the Maxis employees are located. According to Wikipedias Maxis article: "For many years, Maxis was a traditional studio located in Walnut Creek, California (and before that, Orinda, California), but in February 2004 the division was folded into EA's Redwood Shores headquarters."

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I never did like the Sims. Too much micromanagement of the mundane. I really didn't enjoy making my Sim to go use the bathroom every 45 seconds.

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WOOHOO! There making The Sims 3, I love the Sims games.

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"The Sims 3 is being developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores" what!? i thought it was maxis..:( don't screw this up EA, like what you did to simcity series.

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ok, lets get this straight. if maxis wanted to put all the expansions into 1 game then it would years longer because it takes alot of time for these guys to think of new stuff, create them, test them, put them into a game, copyright it and all that legal stuff, get it rated, organize its release THEN release it. So anyone who wants SIMS 3 to have all the expansions already put in, you'll have towait until 2011. Want it now?

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Graphically Sims 3 looks same as Sims 2 but who cares? This game is a perfect gift to my girlfriend.

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oh great, another way to make millions of $ by releasing 50 expansion packs. i download and download, and they still manage to somehow have enough money to release a sequel.

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This game would really need to blow away the previous two installments to be seen as anything more than a money grab or new expansion base. After the Sims 1, the rest has just been endless window dressing.

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I was a huge fan of the original Sims series, but I was disappointed by the lack of humor in the sequel. The items in the first just screamed fun, while the new furniture is, generally speaking, more realistic. Even the themes were more fun in the original. You had packs like Makin Magic which brought something completely different to the game. The new ones, such as University and Night Life, are much more grounded. I just wish they could've brought what made the original so interesting to the next generation, but here's to hoping they do that in the next.

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I think the game itself should be free, then we buy a couple expansions to get started

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I can't wait!!!!! I love The Sims!!!

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I wish they weren't so franchised-obsessed with themselves to make a FULL sims game instead of 3/4 of a Sims game and adding constant expansions. I know it's the same argument as the rest of the internet, but seriously, I feel the expansion draw takes away from the game just so they can have more money by selling things that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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I'd be more interested if I wasn't so embittered about the 100s of expansions out there for the first two games. That being said, there isn't much else negative that I could say about the Sims games.

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Anyone know when in 2009.

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I saw this in GFW

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hopefully no expansions and just one single game where you can basically do everything you could do in real life

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I still it should be maybe a year a so until the next The Sims. The Sims 2 still holds up and the change would be bigger than what we probably will get now.

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Sweet. I can't wait for this game and the 358 expantions to follow. I can't belive that these games are selling this well(look PC charts) STILL, 4 years after the release.

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omg hopefully i could create a stoner sim

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Judging by the first images, the graphics still look too clean and simplistic. Hope the graphics quality improves a bit before the game comes out.

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SWEEEEET, i cant wait for this game!

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i wish it was on the consoles, something about the sims bustin' out made me like it a lot more than sims 2, the ability so droop into my couch to play the sims is more relaxing than hunching in front of a screen.

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Not excited at all. Never been more bored then the few hours of my life I've wasted living virtual ones.

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Sounds cool.

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the sims 3 is gona be GREAT

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So when can we expect the corresponding pets-enabling expansion? That's always the most important part of The Sims.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, "there are three things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and the Sim's expansion packs." Or in this case, another game entirely.

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The screen shots look very good. I'm not a Sims fan but I may just give this series another spin.

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OHG! OMFG!!!! OMFG!!!!! I love the sims!!!

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The official site is being crippled under massive amounts of web traffic right would think that EA would know this would be huge and dedicate more bandwidth and servers lol! But from what I have seen so far this is going to be an incredible leap forward FINALLY they are mixing Sim City with The Sims!!!!

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pwnt! :D yay sims!. but on a serious note. I have to agree with Myrkan. By the looks of it. It seems to have become and RPG.. which is defininatly not capturing the essense of the sims genre. If they make it as it looks, but you can stil play with the 'Simzy' feeling then this game will go far.. I can't wait! BTW.. Is it just me or I can't see any of the pictures on the main website- I see them at the bottom but when i click them to maximse them, they do not appear.

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ooo... this looks very interesting 0.o cant wait

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EA and Will Wright have probably learnt alot while working on Spore, so I imagine we will see some similar things in both games

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Looks good. Hopefully it will re-invigorate my old love for The Sims series!

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has to be a great game for me to get it, but it even this makes it sound great

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I loved the feel of the original Sims game and especially The Sims 2. I just hope they manage to capture the feel of the previous two games, and dont make it some free-roaming RPG thing. The fact that you can move freely around the hotspots in the neighborhood is great, since it felt akward when the timezone at your sims house is 10:00 AM, and it sort of 'freezes' when you go to a community lot or go downtown, so when you start driving home, its the middle of the night, but still 10:00 AM at your house. Its not being developed by Maxis?!?!?!?! Or is Maxis now EA Redwood Shores?

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Let's see the final fusion of Sim City and the Sims.

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I still play the first Sims. I hated Sims 2. It was just a big disappointment for me. I'll stay skeptical for now.

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this is really interesting ,I'm looking forward to it:)

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I think EA is going to make Sims 3 great. They look like they take this shot seriously. The feature to move the sims arround the neighbourhood is superb. I'm not a big Sims fan but I do wait for the release of this installment.

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good to know that they are REALLY trying to improve sims. Last several installations, even though i did not play most them, i have heard have been mostly cash suckers. These upgrades seem to bringing a new air to the franchise, so kudos to EA. However with LBP and Home on my PS3 just around the corner i have a better idea of what pixelated version of myself to nurture and have more fun doing it!

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I love the Sims, actually, I was playing the very first sims. :P