Sims 3 official

Latest version of Will Wright's phenomenally successful franchise coming to the PC in 2009.


Earlier this month, a teaser site popped up on the Internet promising that more information on The Sims 3 would be coming on March 19. Well, D-Day has come, and Electronic Arts has made it official: The Sims 3 is indeed en route.

The third stand-alone game in the Sims series will feature a new engine, which EA has been slaving away at for three years, and the biggest new feature will be the ability to seamlessly move around an open neighbourhood.

Previous games in the Sims series were expanded by packs such as The Sims: Hot Date, and The Sims: Vacation, which let gamers take their sims on holiday or into town with a beau, for example, but these communal zones were always separate from sims' abodes.

In the next game, the sims will be able to walk freely around their neighbourhoods, visit their pals, and venture to new locations such as City Hall and the local park.

There will also be a "deeper" system for governing how sims behave, called the Realistic Personality System, which will let gamers manipulate five character traits when creating their sims. This opens up a number of possibilities, or as EA puts it: "Will you create the nosy, inappropriate, kleptomaniac grandmother who loves to meddle in other people's business? Or the commitment-phobic, hot-headed punk rocker whose rude nature and childish disposition keeps him from scoring a date?" Apparently, 700 million different combinations await.

Customising both the sims themselves and the items around them will also become an easier and deeper experience, EA says. The upgrades include fine tuning for every part of sims' faces, and a new set of design tools for customising items for their houses.

The first Sims game was released in 2000, and since then the series has sold some 98 million games worldwide, and has been translated into 22 different languages.

The Sims 3 is being developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores and will be shipping worldwide on the PC in 2009. There is no mention of it coming to any console platforms.

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Wow, the graphics are so way not improved. It looks like Sims 2 but with more polygons on the meshes. Add parallax mapping and PS3.0, and that's improved graphics. Besides, can you finally change the female torso size ?? Not everyone likes skinny girlfriends... lol :D

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Haha, I love how so many people are saying "Sims is for girls". Sounds like some teens who think blood and gore make them more mature :P That being said, I might as well delve into the realm of hypocrisy here and say that my GF freaked when she heard you could move seamlessly between locations.

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I just can't get into the Sims. I think that it appeals more to female sensibilities. It's kind of like a combination of playing house with dolls and a soap opera. To me it's booooring. I need blood and explosions.

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Time to bring out a new cash cow for the masses.

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Kick Ass!

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I just hope the lower the rate of decline in your Needs meters, that pissed me off so much, I also hope you can give your Sims 2-3 things that they can do that will give them a general boost, or specific boost, like making your Sim a workaholic so that he/she would get Fun out of doing work. And maybe the ability to give them more preferences, like what they think looks nice, like if their in a modern home they live the Environment, but if their in an old Victorian they don't like it so much.

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Cool more Sims 3 info, but before I get to that I need to play Sims 2 for PC for a while.

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This looks awesome.

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YES!! Finally their doing it right, I'm interested in the subtly mentioned Item Customization Tools...*drules* This is what The Sims 2 SHOULD have been!

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Cool, I might get this.

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waaaaaaaa!!! i look so forward to this one!! :D

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that sounds good never been a big fan of the sims (mostly because it's like a doll game and for girls) but I'm still gonna play it b\c it sounds pretty good

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I stopped playing Sims 2 quite some time ago, but my wife loves it. This game looks like it has possibilities, but Will Wright is not involved so it could go downhill fast. I bought Simcity Societies and that was a waste of $50.00. I'll be too busy playing Spore to play Sims 3.

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ANOTHER SIMS!??! WTF is wrong with the world?

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Boondagger9801: uh, i guess you could follow the sims to their jobs... that way you can take your sim to Iraq and spend 12 months of their lives policing a foreign country and "installing democracy". that actually sounds kinda cool" Yeah, You could delete all of the insurgents toilets! And then you could send them a mean email, and not open the door when they show up at your party!

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Sounds good, I'm sure it will be great and all. I'm not so worried about what specifications it will need. But if The Sims 2 already needed a lot of GB of Disk-space with even only a couple of expansions (which still came out since recently), I'm afraid to see what 3 will ask. I know there are larger HDDs too of course, but it will still need a lot of space and I don't even want to know the installation-times. Especially if things would need to be installed, plus possibly after a couple of Expansion Packs.

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The Sims 3 better be good... atleast much better than The Sims 1 & 2 for people to buy it

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@Zerosumgame You do know what 100 Million Coppies looks like right? If The Sims isn't a successful franchise then i don't know what is...

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milk milk milk

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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gonna get it the next year, it looks great, more developments.

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Looks good. Another game to stay at the top of the charts for 2009.

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It's the Sims 2 all over again heh. The sims looks worse then the sims 2 or the same in my opinion. I thought they would make the Sims looks better. Only difference in graphics is better shadows and maybe a bit better lighting is from what I can tell. Not hyped up for it though, maybe I will get a bit excited in 2009. As of now, all my hype is at GTA IV.

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There is an extensive preview of THE SIMS 3 in this month's GAMES FOR WINDOWS magazine.

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The way graphics look now its getting harder to tell the difference when enhancements come along, but this if definitely an improvement over the last.

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I'm more of a 'builder' kind of person when playing these games so I wish EA could allow more freedom when building the houses and characters. (e.g. the size of buttocks and breasts) The character model seems to be outdated. I almost thought the screen shots were from its predecessor if it wasn't for the article title.

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This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, considering how well the games sell.

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I love this Game !!! But i would like some more data including pictures ?!?!?

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Oblivion graphics would be sweet.

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I have to agree with karahasan on point #2, with Will off doing spore the game may fall through EAs many cracks. EA is notorious for butchering games and without Will protecting Sims 3 its not looking good. Hopefuly EA will stick to the origonal formula and things will stay good, personaly I avoided all the Sim Cities after number 4, once Will stepped away from Sim City so did I. My final point, and I quote this from the great Han Solo: "I've gota a bad feeling about this."

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As much as I look forward to this upcoming sequel, I have a couple of worries 1) Not a fan of the new direction the graphics (specifically, the art direction) is going, Sims are a bit too chubby for my tastes 2) Will Wright isn't handling this = possible loss of quality Also hoping to have at least a few (optional) minigames for the jobs

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I look at the Sims as being a great way to pushing all games farther. Think about it for a minute, the Sims are characters that really have developing personalities. Little yes but this little changes give them game a real feel. Now put those personalties, emotions, and the ability of free will into another game such as FPS or RPG's and you have an experience that comes more to life. The Sims franchise can really push gaming ahead to the next level with new designs like this. I can't wait to play and see what they have added.

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Another Sims game Boooooooooooooring this games is about the same everytime is like playing house with dolls i dont know how is it so famous being that bad but well this game was made for girls, FPS games Rulez!!!!

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Woo Sims 3. Never got the chance to play Sims 2 so I am definitely excited for this news. More simulation and the core of real life here! :P

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The graphics seem a bit better, the sims, however, don't look quite as good as I thought they would look. Hopefully they'll look more realistic in the final product.

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Sims 3 Great!...I hope they do away with cut sequence aniimations for different actions. And give a seamless integration of movements instead. I just hated how the sims would adjust themselves (infront) before interacting with another sim. And of course a photorealistic look wouldnt hurt.

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Oh my gosh a whole new Sims Franchise. What will they think of next? I hope this game is not too too advanced otherwise I know alot of sims 2 fans will be left behind when this comes out in 2009.

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wow, this is amazing. now I'm getting fired of the work again because I'm a sims addict. when the first sims game was released I used to keep it open in my workstation on the work, and got fired for that. :(

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Saw this coming since Sims 2. It was inevitable. Still, I hope they make some major significant improvements. The Sims 2 felt more like an upgrade of the original Sims. Maybe if we're lucky and EA decides not to simply wh*re out the franchise, we'll get something new and original.

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they made another one? I am shocked :P

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Oh hellz yes! I can't hardly wait!! The screens look pretty damn promising--it looks like you'll really be able to have a interactive experience w/ the neighborhoods & people around you....lovin' that. :P Hope they keep adding more info to the website, 'cuz I'm definitely gonna (constantly) checking back. :)

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omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I CANT WAIT!! !!! XD I

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cool the sims game is awsome

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I've been waiting for this for a while

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Oh, SNAP!!! Hope its a leap from sims 2, not just a step up...

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Ya, I'm definitely getting this when it comes out.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that this will sorta be Sims 2 with a fresh coat of paint. i mean, how much more detailed can you make an AI, really? the free roaming aspect of it sounds nice but eventually this series will hit a wall in terms of what can be done with a fake life... uh, i guess you could follow the sims to their jobs... that way you can take your sim to Iraq and spend 12 months of their lives policing a foreign country and "installing democracy". that actually sounds kinda cool!

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All I'll say is.......WOOT!

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the thing that amazes me most is that the sims has sold almost 100 million copies worldwide

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]