Sims 2 University matriculates to stores

EA's first expansion for life-sim sequel walks the retail stage; title features four new career paths and new "young adult" stage of life.


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Electronic Arts today announced that the first expansion pack to The Sims 2 has shipped to retailers and will be available nationwide tomorrow. The Sims 2 University was developed by Maxis, an EA subsidiary.

"We've wanted to give our players the opportunity to experience University life for a long time, going back to expansion packs for The Sims," said Tim LeTourneau, senior producer at Electronic Arts. "With The Sims 2 players can take their Sims through a lifetime, and with The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack players are finally able to take their sims through this new young adult lifestyle and immerse them into the fun college years."

With University, Sims fans can instill the "empty nest" syndrome on their sim parents by shipping the family's young adults off to college. While at one of the learning institutions, sims can choose to tap into the college's learning resources and earn credit toward a career track, or simply tap a keg (although it's filled with fruit juice) and the campus' party scene.

Sims will also be able to interact with more than 125 new objects, choose four new career paths, select from 11 academic majors, and use the new influence system. Using influence points attained from fulfilling "wants" and maintaining a healthy social circle, sims can have other sims perform tasks, such as cleaning up the frat house or even doing their homework.

The Sims 2 University is rated "T" for Teen and retails for $34.99. For more information on the title check out GameSpot's previous coverage, including our full review of the game.

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