Simpsons Movie 2 Will Come "One Of These Days," Creator Says

"Disney wants something for its money."

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2007's The Simpsons Movie was an enormous success. Critics and fans generally enjoyed it, while it made a gargantuan $527 million against a reported budget of $75 million. So why hasn't there been a sequel? It's a topic that has come up a number of times over the years, and it did so again at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Simpsons creator Matt Groening said during a panel that it was a tremendously difficult challenge to make the movie, and it's not something that the production team wanted to rush back into right away.

"The first Simpsons movie killed us," Groening explained, as reported by IGN. The reason for that was because the same team behind the TV show also made the movie. There was no separate production team for the movie. As such, the cast and crew had to complete The Simpsons Movie in between seasons of the show. Now, some 12 years later, Groening says the team is almost back to a place where they might consider making another movie.

"We're almost recovered. No doubt there will be another Simpsons movie one of these days. Disney wants something for its money," Groening said.

Disney recently acquired the majority of Fox's entertainment assets in one of the biggest buyouts in media history at $71.3 billion. For that price, Disney got The Simpsons, Family Guy, Deadpool, X-Men, Avatar, and many others, in addition to TV networks and film studios.

During the end credits of The Simpsons Movie, Maggie says "Sequel?" Ever since then, fans have been wondering when that sequel might be made. According to series producer Al Jean, a sequel to The Simpsons Movie probably won't happen until The Simpsons TV show goes off the air.

"The movie was such a time-intensive operation, it pulled a lot away from the show. I would rather end the show whenever that happens before doing another movie. It's unlikely there’ll be another Simpsons feature while the show is being produced."

In February this year, The Simpsons was renewed for Seasons 31 and 32. Season 31 will premiere in September 2019.

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Avatar image for spider_matt1987

Mmmmm.... I’d much rather see a Futurama Movie. The Simpsons hasn’t been funny for over a decade.

Avatar image for Firosen

My God, what have we allowed to manifest?

Avatar image for Terrorantula

I liked The Simpsons up until about 2000, then the show sucked, it was as if the show become a parody of itself.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@Terrorantula: Ehh, people seem to always pick some arbitrary season or date and say "this sucked after."

Lots of recent episodes are pretty all right.

Avatar image for kingodin11

I somewhat wonder if the show will outlive Groening.

Avatar image for Obreck

"Disney wants something for its money."

Well as long as they're doing it for the absolute worse motivation possible.....

Avatar image for mboettcher

Just. Let. It. Die.

Avatar image for redhedjack

“No more Simpsons movies. One was plenty.” - Marge Simpson

Avatar image for RoccoHout

The first Simpson movie was a lot of fun to watch in the cinema. It felt magical watching this show on the big screen as a fan since it began in 1989 (didn't see the Tracey Ulman Show though). If they plan on ending the show, then the movie is the perfect opportunity to end it with.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@RoccoHout: yeah right. with disney on the helm we will probably soon get an announcement: simpsons 2 in 2021, simpsons 3 in 2023, simpsons 4 in 2025, simpsons 5 in 2027. on top of the normal series and some spinoff movies like homers origins because lets face it "simpsons is a franchise with so much potential for narrative storytelling"

i loved disney as a kid but now it just feels like a factory that grows and pumps out stuff

a couple of years ago i still had hope that with the actors aging etc they just might end the series and do a touching last movie. perhaps someone in far future making some kind of reimagining. but with disney that wont happen. they bought simpsons because they want simpsons a lot every year