Simpsons game set for unveiling

Electronic Arts sets up countdown site for debut of its latest license-based effort later this week.


When Rockstar Games wanted to hype the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated fourth installment in its Grand Theft Auto franchise, the publisher set up a simple Web site with nothing more than the Roman numeral "IV" and a countdown clock. Electronic Arts apparently took notice, because it has set up a countdown Web site for one of its own upcoming releases.

The site consists of the Roman numeral "XXII" displayed above a countdown clock set to expire Wednesday at noon. Although the site doesn't explicitly state which game it's promoting, the familiar yellow of the background and the cartoon-style font used for the countdown clock suggest it will be EA's first new game based on The Simpsons. Also, depending on whether or not one counts things like the Simpsons pinball game or the PC interactive tour product Virtual Springfield, EA's offering will be the 22nd game based on the franchise.

EA landed the rights to make games based on the long-running TV show in November of 2005. The series is currently in its 18th season and has been renewed for a 19th season. Last year, the publisher revealed that its game will be based on the Simpsons movie, which will be released in North American theaters on July 27.

[UPDATE] There may not be anything revealed on Wednesday after all, as the countdown site is no longer active on Electronic Arts' Web site. A representative with the publisher had yet to return GameSpot's request for comment as of Monday afternoon.

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