SimPeople Take Japan!

Maxis' The Sims will be published in Japan under a new name.

Maxis' The Sims will be published under the title SimPeople when it's released later this month in Japan. The game's Japanese title is more suggestive of the game's subject matter, as The Sims lets you create and control the simulated lives of suburbanites. The Sims has received widespread critical acclaim and a great deal of public attention, and it was the number one game in February, according to PC Data. Yet because the Japanese games market leans more toward video-game consoles than PCs, it's uncertain whether SimPeople will enjoy a similar degree of praise and commercial success as the original game. However, the forthcoming publication of SimPeople in Japan, in addition to the frequent updates and additions to The Sims being made available on Maxis' site, represents the developer's concentrated effort to make the game mainstream and an ongoing success. It's unknown as of now whether SimPeople will be any different than the original game, aside from the title and Japanese language translation.

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