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Simon Pegg Says Amazon Prime's The Boys Adaptation is "Bittersweet"

"It was bittersweet when I found out that it was finally coming to screen and I realized that I wouldn't be Hughie."

While a release date has not been announced for Amazon Prime's upcoming adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book The Boys, one actor appearing in the show is glad something that's been so important to him for over a decade is finally coming to life. Mission Impossible: Fallout star Simon Pegg has a long history with The Boys and it's one he's able to carry over to the adaptation.

Fans of the comic about superheroes that embrace the dark side of their powers and celebrity status have no doubt realized how much the character Hughie looks like Pegg, and that's not a coincidence. Ennis and Robertson looked to the actor for inspiration with Hughie. Unfortunately, that was over 12 years ago and a younger actor--Jack Quaid--has been cast as the character. Thankfully, though, Ennis and Robertson, along with executive producers Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen have created a new role for Pegg.

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The Shaun of the Dead star has taken on the role of Hughie's dad, who did not appear in the comics. The surprise announcement was made at New York Comic-Con in October, at which point Pegg sat down to speak with GameSpot about the role.

"This comic book has been in my life for 10 years, longer probably, and it was bittersweet when I found out that it was finally coming to screen and I realized that I wouldn't be Hughie," he said. "I'm too kind of old to play that role. I was delighted to hear it was Jack. I think Jack's amazing."

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As for the role of Hughie's dad within the show's story, Pegg says he will appear in a few episodes of the first season. "It's very much a sort of little guest role that I came and did and was delighted to do," he admitted. "I felt like it was only right in a way, and I'm glad they felt the same way."

What should be interesting to see is the dynamic between Hughie and his father, as it sounds like dad may be a little overprotective of his son. "Hughie's dad's a very lovely guy," Pegg teased. "It's just him and Hughie. He worries about him... He's still got all his toys in his room and stuff. I think he likes it that way. He likes to sit on the couch with his son and watch TV. That's where he would like to stay forever."

Of course, given that Hughie has super-strength, there's little chance of that happening. Still, a father can dream.

As for the rather graphic nature of the comic, which is a pretty violent affair, Pegg assured fans that Amazon Prime has given a lot of freedom to the project. "They showed me the stuff that they'd already shot that was surprising and shocking, but for all the right reasons," he said. "I think Garth almost and Darick together, obviously because Darick Robertson was drawing it, together they were trying to almost dare somebody to adapt it. It was almost the unadaptable comic book, even more so than Preacher I think."

As for when you'll be able to see what the creative team behind The Boys has come up with, a premiere date has not been announced. However, the series that also stars Karl Urban, Elisabeth Shue, and Chace Crawford, will arrive in 2019.

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