Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Parody Shaun Of The Dead

Drinking at home is still on the table.


Shaun of the Dead is an incredibly popular comedy movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The film parodies the famous zombie film Dawn Of The Dead, poking fun at the idea of how an average British guy deals with a viral outbreak and the snowball effect it can have on society. Pretty topical right now, huh?

Many iconic quotes and scenes came from the film, one of which is ‘The Plan’ scene, where in the group of survivors brainstorm what the plan will be and how they are going to the pub. Heading to the pub until it all blows over is a classic British reaction to any situation and some people may be thinking of doing the same during the COVID-19 crisis.

In response to the general public world wide entering self isolation, Pegg and Frost have released a new take on the classic scene, updating it with important information on what should instead be done.

Don’t go to the pub to wait for this to sort itself out, instead be proactive and stay safe.

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