SimCity DS building in US

Maxis' groundbreaking simulation series adding US DSs to its platform population; mayors can cut the ribbon this summer.


Mayoral scandals not included.
Mayoral scandals not included.

Before Will Wright concocted the PC juggernaut The Sims, his previous masterpiece was the metropolis-building SimCity. The franchise has evolved onto several systems since its debut on the PC in 1989 and was recently announced for release in Japan for the DS under the very workman-like name SimCity DS.

Jealous American urban planners need not be green with envy any longer. Electronic Arts today confirmed that SimCity DS will be released worldwide this summer.

The DS version will continue the basic gameplay of SimCity with some unique additions that take advantage of the DS's hardware. Players will do their best job to create a thriving metropolis and solve everyday mayoral problems such as alleviating traffic and eliminating crime, as well as use the DS's microphone to blow out fires and the stylus to sign off on mayoral proclamations.

SimCity DS, developed by Japanese studio AKI, has not yet been rated by the ESRB or priced.

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i hope its better than the one on the pc, otherwise taking it anywhere is pure genius.

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I originally heard that this was based on the original SimCity, which I was never too fond of (but respected what it did for the genre). However, after looking at these screens and re-reading a preview, I now know it's based on SimCity 3000, which I own and love for the PC. I don't see how this port for the DS wouldn't work, should be a decent port.

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Old news, new screens, still excited.

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Unless it's totally great the 'blowing into the microphone' thing may well be a deal breaker for me.

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a MUST have 4 DS!!!!

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woops...I just crapped in my pants because I'm so excited for this game.

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i love sim city! but the ds does not have much ram so i hope that does not mean the citys will be tiny. cus i like being able to make big citys. maybe they will have a good progame that will make good use of system memory

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I am totally buying this!

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Cool a portable sim game, now I can build a city anywhere I go, Cool.

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Sweet the *** game is really fun cant wait for the english translation :)

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cool. i'd like to be able to take this game on the road

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Man I loved the original SimCity, a Portal Version would be F*ing amazing

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the more games that wisely use the ds setup the better games that can be made, put me down for a copy.

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This has possibilities.

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I'm in Japan and bought the Japanese Simcity DS last week. The last Simcity game i played was 2000, so I can't compare the DS version to the newer games, but I can say that I am liking it and that it doesn't depart much from what I am used to. A couple minor gripes though: 1) when moving the view around (by dragging the stylus) it sometimes gets choppy, and 2) I believe (i'm not 100% sure because I can't read Japanese so well) that you can only have one saved city at a time.

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Awesome news. I've been hoping we'd get this. It's about time we had a decent portable SimCity. SimCity 2000 on the GBA just couldn't cut it.

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This is a perfect game for the DS.

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Yeah, the SNES version was fine. The DS can do it. Looking foward to it, too.

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Ghostkiller747, I'm pretty sure the DS can handle this pretty well. I mean com'on there was a Simcity for the Supernintendo(i might be wrong, but it was from one of the virtual consoles)

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I can't believe the ds can handle a game like this.I hope it won't be scaled down to much.

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Fantastic. One of my favorite series ever and on one of my favorite systems ever.

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This game is gonna rock!

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the screenshot makes it look like Sim City 3000, imo the best one

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Another reason for me to buy a DS...

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Looks like it'll be a great game.

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Wow. "Blow out Fires." We shall be Gods once more!

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agree on the 3000

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I'd like to hear some news on Sim City 5

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Yes! This will be an awesome DS game, I can't wait!

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Interesting! It also looks like it will make at least some good use of the touch screen being able to sign proclamations using the stylus and blowing out fires using the microphone.

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That's awesome, it would make a great portable port as it can be played for a few minutes at a time (though that never happens).

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I think I will get this one

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Looks like Sim City 3000.

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Sim City for SNES was awesome. I haven't really played any of them after SC 2000, so hopefully this one will be as good.

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It is about time. The DS has been around for a while and they just now catch on that this would be a good idea?

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I could see getting addicted to this one...

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Awesome!!! I love SimCity! It'll be cool to play it on my DS!

Avatar image for Oni

Should be fun!

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Cool, but personally I'd rather see SimCity 2000. Although I'd imagine it's next if this does well.

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this is not a ds seller, just a company trying milk out old ideas for money. i doubt it will be fun

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Looks good, but I don't think it will be enough to get me to get a DS.

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This game should work very well for the DS controls.

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Bye-Bye Life! This is the end of me. I'm going to have to stop bringing my DS to work, or I will get fired.

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This is awsome.

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@pencilpusher69 The only reason why i brought up multiple languages was because we ARE talking about EA...but yeah, i understand why most developers wait to find publishers, but for EA, this could of been out now here in the U.S.

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Awesome! Looks like a sweet game! I hope to get it...

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Hopefully this gets translated over to the DS better than some of the Sims games :X

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